11 Random Doctor Who Facts

Doctor Who celebrates a half century of existence on November 23, 2013.  The following are eleven random facts paired with eleven (known) Doctors.

11 Random Doctor Who Facts


Fact #1


William Hartnell wore a wig during his tenure as the First Doctor.


Fact #2


Patrick Troughton and Hartnell were originally expected to alternate the role due to Hartnell’s declining health.Doctor Who, BBC, HR to Who, Kyle Jones


Fact #3


Jon Pertwee’s Doctor is often compared to James Bond based on the type of stories during his era.


Fact #4


Tom Baker’s Doctor was – and still is – the quintessential Doctor for many fans.  This is especially true for American fans.


Fact #5


Peter Davison was the first Doctor to appear in live action footage post-2005.HRtoWho OBD


Fact #6


Colin Baker’s Doctor was present during one of the most turbulent times for the program.


Fact #7


Sylvester McCoy portrayed both the 6th and 7th Doctors for the regeneration scene.

Power of Daleks Doctor Who Quote

Fact #8


The 1996 television movie received respectable rating in the UK but did not do so in the US.  The attempted revival was unsuccessful.


Fact #9


Rose Tyler provided the audience with something never before experienced in Doctor Who.  We were able to see the companion’s family.

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Rose and the Doctor



Fact #10

Doctor Who December 2012

Doctor WHO


David Tennant’s 10th Doctor quickly became popular. His final words – “I don’t want to go” – mimiced the thoughts of millions of fans.


Fact #11


Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor takes center stage for the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

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What are some of your random Doctor Who facts?  Do you know something that seems to be lost to Doctor Who history?

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