14 Posts from #SHRM14

It is no secret that I wanted to attend the SHRM annual conference in Orlando this year. It’s also no secret that changes at work prevented my attendance. I believe that things happen for a reason and will anticipate attending in 2015. In the meantime, my absence didn’t prevent experiencing the event second-hand. To do this, I randomly picked fourteen posts written during and/or about #SHRM14. The following are those posts.


14 Posts from #SHRM14

HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi HR Conference

Being Heard !! | Everyday People


HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, MSSHRM, HR Mississippi, Kyle Jones HR#SHRM14 and Socially Sharing Employee Engagement



HR to Who, Kyle Jones, HR Mississippi, MSSHRM, Kyle Jones Human Resources5 Trends And Buzzwords That Continue To Shape HR



HR to Who, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HRSteve’s HR Technology – Journal – SLIDES: What Did That HR Tech Salesperson Say? #SHRM14 Presentation



HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HR, Social Media HR, HR blogs, Mississippi HR ConferenceTop 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week #SHRM14 Edition | Blogging4Jobs



Kyle Jones, HR to Who, HR Bloggers7 Strategies for Making Conference Connections — Get Ready for #SHRM14



HR to Who by Kyle JonesSHRM Annual Conference Summary #SHRM14 | Fistful of TalentFistful of Talent



HR to Who, Kyle Jones, HR BloggersDominatrix Games: Employee Recognition Edition #SHRM14 | HR Schoolhouse



Kyle Jones, HR to Who, BloggingWhy I Should Have Gone to #SHRM14 | CostofWork



Kyle Jones, HR to WhoHR Official » Blog Archive » Your First SHRM National Conference



HRtoWhoNo11What I learned at #SHRM14 | Brandon Hall Group



HRtoWhoNo12Fountains of info flowing at #SHRM14 | Michael VanDervort



HRtoWhoNo13What I Learned at SHRM14 … Even Though I Wasn’t There | The Buzz on HR



HRtoWhoNo14Best and Worst of SHRM14




I am certain there were other posts. Please share your personal favorites in the comments.

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