An 18 Year Milestone

Kyle Jones, MegaGate Broadband, 18th AnniversaryI reached a milestone in 2013 on my birthday as I reached the big four-zero. No, I didn’t feel any differently than I did at thirty-nine. Yes, I was still the same person.  No, the world didn’t end and my life didn’t nosedive into a midlife crisis. I reached another milestone today as I celebrated eighteen years with the same company, MegaGate Broadband (formerly known as Cellular One of South Mississippi.) It is an accomplishment for which I am proud.


An 18 Year Milestone

A lot has changed since June 05, 1996. My roles varied and I’ve grown both personally and professionally over the years. In lieu of drafting a post detailing those years, I’ll share excerpts from former posts.

I seem to be drawn – compelled – to revisit them.


What is Professional Regeneration?

Regenerate Yourself Professionally

The Doctor is a Time Lord and, as the Ninth Doctor once said:


“Time Lords have this little trick. It’s like cheating death, except, it means that I am going to change.”  


Basically, when a Time Lord (or Time Lady) is severely injured and is dying, he/she has the ability to regenerate but the process changes the person both physically and, sometimes, mentally. The person is the same but aspects of their personality change as does their physical appearance. It is one of – if not THE – essential factor for the longevity of Doctor Who.

In business, isn’t this what we want to do?

Is that not what we do when we change employers?

Our personality changes as we adapt to the company culture of our new employer. Our physical appearance changes as our work attire may be somewhat different with our new employer compared to the previous.

We have professionally regenerated!



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The Spark


We make choices.  We make decisions based on what parental figures give us and OUR choices place us on a path.   Every day this happens and will continue to happen until we die.

But, at the end of the day….we may have a history…we may have a lot of things….but we have a spark within us that is our own unique identifier. Or, as some might say, we have a purpose.

Some of us may spend our entire lives never finding it – constantly searching – constantly yearning for what it is we are supposed to do.  Some of us may know from childhood what it is we do that is our spark.

I’m still searching mine but I do know that words are part of the spark.

So, back to understanding why it is important to do your best. I think it is important to evaluate sometimes why we do what we do.

What makes us tick?

Maybe, if we take time to learn the WHY it might provide some insight into our own lives that is more than what we realized was there before.

So, I now as you, have you found your spark?



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17 And Counting


I have seen many people come-and-go and seen several leave the company only to return. I’ve worked hard and learned that I have a voice – I just need to voice it more often. I’ve made a mark on the local SHRM chapter and the State Council.

But, I know that I’ve also done something right.  I am, after all, still with the (same) company and today reminds me to:

  • Be grateful!
  • Be better!


One thing to remember… humble.

Accept when you do wrong and take ownership.

Most importantly…say “THANK YOU“, “I WAS WRONG” and/or “I’M SORRY” as you can never say them enough.



The 40th Year


This post is inspired by the words written byDoctor Who showrunnerSteven Moffat forMatt Smith’s final speech as the belovedEleventh Doctor. Imagine The Doctor moments away from changing into theTwelfth Doctor incarnation as he painfully…tearfully…says:


“But times change, and so must I. We all change. When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives and that’s okay, that’s good! You’ve gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.”

Keep Moving But Remember

He said you’ve gotta keep moving, which is true. The key – and the part that caught my attention – was when he uttered the words so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.  I know…we are not all different people and this was something written for a television show.  But, think about it for a moment, aren’t we just that…different people all through our lives? Our college “self” and our first job “self” isn’t the “self” we are today.


Right?  I choose to think so.




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