2013 In Review

2013, Year in Review, HR to WHO

How will you remember 2013? What accomplishments did you make? Did you have any setbacks? Did you have a major breakthrough? What lessons did 2013 bring? Are you proud of your accomplishments or do you wish you had done more than what you did?

2013 In Review

I think we each reach a point in our lives when we begin asking ourselves these questions. It may come earlier for some than it does for others but I would like to think that it happens to us all. We reach that point when we begin to wonder how we impact those around us and begin thinking about the legacy we will one day leave behind.

While I could easily add a human resources spin to this post I think it serves best if applied universally. Why? It’s simple.  I think the majority of us want to make a difference. I don’t mean that we want to be celebrities or have a want to be rich and famous. I mean make a difference in someone’s life.

We make a difference even when we don’t realize we make one.

StressMonday Again by Kyle Jones

This year has been one with a general theme – stress. Several elements joined to create the stress and the results are increased weight and less exercising. (I won’t mention the expanded pants size but you get my point.)  2013 was a year when I allowed stress to (partly) control me and not the other way around. Knowing this…being able to say this…allows me the opportunity to do better in 2014.

HR Lost & Found

Stress from work related issues resulted in an exit from something that had been a very important part of my professional career for many years. I left my role as Social Media Director on the Mississippi State Council of SHRM during a week when I was so run down that I missed the following week of work due to pneumonia. (I should note that I have never – emphasis on the never – taken off an entire week of work for sickness.) This was my HR Lost moment because I regretted my exit almost immediately.  HR was lost.

I spent what I’m calling my sabbatical connecting with HR professionals in the blogging community. I devoted my energies to this blog and made strides; however, home called.  I missed my friends on the State Council. Yes, I realize that this is just a professional organization in the end but their importance to me was felt.

Fate intervened and HR was found. Fate, in this case, shared the names of Chris Byrd, Gregory Payne and Susan Holland. Susan had assumed my Social Media Director role and we discovered something interesting at the 2013 MSSHRM Conference. We found that we worked well together and played off each other’s strengths.  So, I was able to return as the Co-Social Media Director and am anticipating 2014.  Yes…HR was found!


I reached the big four zero this year.  I have my health.  Yes, I need to lose some weight and I need to exercise more. I am here and I am thankful for it.

50th Anniversary Pre-Show

Doctor Who 50th

I am thankful that I was able to see the celebratory Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with the return of Tom Baker. It was a moment I won’t soon forget.  On top of this, fans said goodbye to the Eleventh and welcomed the Twelfth Doctor on December 25th!

You in 2013

What did you do in 2013? Please share your thoughts and comments.


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