2014: A Year of Change

Time moves forward with each passing year and, as each year passes, we find ourselves to be the beneficiaries of new experiences, sorrows, joys, etc. Time changes us.  For me, this was a year of change.

2014: A Year of Change

The following posts showcase 2014 for HR to WHO and (through this blog) me.  Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

The Fortieth Year

HR to WHOThere are times in your life when you sit back and evaluate what you’ve done so far. What have you accomplished? Or, perhaps, a better question to ask: What do you still want to do?  One of the best times to do this may be in the fortieth year. READ MORE

Frozen in Hattiesburg

Those who live in the northern states are used to snow.  Two-or-three inches of snow is a nothing to someone living in New York City.  Two-or-three inches of snow in Hattiesburg is a completely different story.  This is how I was frozen in Hattiesburg. READ MORE

7 Lessons HR Can Learn from Batman’s 75th Anniversary

Holy Human ResourcesWhether you read comic books as an adult, as a child or never read a comic book before, one thing is fairly certain. You’ve heard of Batman. Batman, the character, celebrates his 75th anniversary this week and, in celebration, I’ve listed 7 lessons HR can learn from Batman’s 75th Anniversary. READ MORE

10 Steps to Creating a Blog Post

Creating a blog post is difficult. Yes, it can be fun. It can be rewarding. It can be frustrating. It can be quite a few more things, I am sure, for different people. What it is not is sitting down and writing the perfect first draft. Creating a blog post takes practice and it takes time to find what works for you. The information that follows is my 10 Steps to Creating a Blog Post. READ MORE

Reference Checks: 2004 vs. 2014

I’ve devoted time this week organizing and scanning old HR files that accumulated over the years. I found an article from SHRM’s HR Magazine dated June 2000. The pages had been torn from the magazine and saved in a file by one of my HR predecessors. They were lost in time or, more accurately, within a filing cabinet, for many years only to be found today. READ MORE

Why Do You Write?

Why Do You Write?It begins with one. One word. One thought. One idea. One sentence. One paragraph. One post.  One article. One book. One writer. One reader. In the end and above all else, anything else doesn’t matter. All that matters is where it begins…with one. Your written word? What impact do you have? What do you write? READ MORE

Game of Certification

Quiet.  All was quiet as those who inhabited the World of HR went about their daily lives. Ruled by two Houses, House SHRM and House HRCI, a peace existed. Unfortunately, peace could not withstand the oncoming storm. Change was coming but it was not a change expected.  Or, was it? This, my friends, is the World of HR. This is a game of certification. READ MORE

The Color of Me: Just As I Am

Time goes by quickly. Time heals old wounds. Times change. Time is relevant. Time is linear.  All are true, in their own way but time also has the power to provide insight into past events when viewing them from our present – but the past’s future. So, let’s take a look at a past event that occurred on May 14, 1994 at a Sunday church service in a small church in South Mississippi. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we might gain insight into The Color of Me and learn to accept you or me Just As I Am. READ MORE

What Would People Think?

Many lessons are learned in the early formative years between two-to-six years old. We are taught to be considerate of others. We learn to share. Our caregivers teach us to say “thank you” and “please” – and much more. But, is it possible to take consideration to the extreme? Can we silence our own voice by only considering others? Is it okay to think of ourselves? If we do, what would people think? READ MORE

My Drive Thru HR AdventureDriveThruHR, Kyle Jones

I wonder if high school seniors still receive memory books.  Do you remember those? They were something like a “this is your life” and a “where will I be” collection of thoughts, pictures, etc. I still have mine stored somewhere and I mention this because of an entry I included. Responding to future job wishes I wrote that I would like my own talk show. Time has passed since 1991 but, while I do not have my own talk show, I was lucky lucky to be included as the guest on the April 11th airing of DriveThruHR. READ MORE

The Impact of Work Related Changes

I began this blog in November of 2012 for a variety of reasons; however, in recent months I’ve found that my writing has floundered. My resolve has wavered. My creative muse has been silenced. Yes, I’ve recently found that I don’t know what to write. The ideas form but, when faced with a blank page, the words do not come. Yet, the muse, for what it’s worth, is silent. READ MORE

Performance I Create Captures My Attention

I wish I had more time for reading just as I wish I had more time for writing. Actually, for that matter, I wish I had more time for just about everything. (Don’t we all?) I spent time last night reading various posts on Performance I Create. The purpose of this post is to introduce anyone who might be unfamiliar with the site and highlight a random post sampling. They’ve perfected the art of capturing my attention and I hope it is the same for you. READ MORE

Facebook and the Political Post

Something has invaded Facebook. No, I’m not talking about viruses – even though I would classify it as a variation of one. This is something so prevalent that it takes a user’s timeline and fills it with vile and hateful content. What is this sickness? What is this revolting content? It’s the political post. This is Facebook and the Political Post. READ MORE

An 18 Year MilestoneKyle Jones Celebrates HR to WHO

I reached a milestone in 2013 on my birthday as I reached the big four-zero. No, I didn’t feel any differently than I did at thirty-nine. Yes, I was still the same person.  No, the world didn’t end and my life didn’t nosedive into a midlife crisis. I reached another milestone today as I celebrated eighteen years with the same company, MegaGate Broadband (formerly known as Cellular One of South Mississippi.) It is an accomplishment for which I am proud. READ MORE

Did Apple Deliver at WWDC?

Earlier today I posted an article about Apple called Apple’s Art of Anticipation. It discussed Apple Executive’s mastery of the keynote speech. It’s evening and the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference Keynote is in the books. It’s done. Finished.  So, the question must be asked: Did Apple Deliver at WWDC? READ MORE

The Time of Change

Last week I celebrated my 18th anniversary with Cellular One of South MS / MegaGate Broadband, Inc. That marker along my professional journey was followed by an announcement this week about MegaGate’s future. The following is shared due to the many personal inquires I’ve received this week. Times change and so must I. READ MORE

The Closing of the GateMegaGate Broadband, Closing of the Gate, Kyle Jones

I’ve written a lot about MegaGate Broadband over the years and rightfully so. I’ve spent many, many, many (can I say MANY) hours working diligently to be the best I could be for the company. At times, I could say that I may have even placed the needs of the company over my own. And, in the end, I’ve asked myself if it really mattered? Did anything I do REALLY make a difference? I would like to think that it did. Now, it’s all about to change as this chapter comes to a close. Yes, I’m locking the gate. READ MORE

A Leader or a Bad Apple?

We’ve all heard the saying that goes something like this: Anyone can be a manager but not everyone can be a leader.The concept of management and leadership is is seen for many people as one and the same, but is that really the case? Is a manager and a leader the same or, when you compare the two, are they completely different? Could it be that we might sometime get a bad apple? READ MOREBad Apple Title Seeker, HR

The Video and Voice of Interviews

Telephone interviews are common and have been around for decades. Video interviews, on the other hand, are just now entering the mainstream and are quickly replacing face-to-face interviews – especially for the first-round face-to-face. While I am an advocate of both, the advocacy comes for reasons you might not suspect. For me, it’s all about what I hear and what you know. It’s the video and voice of interviews. READ MORE

#PICHR: The Dreamer of Improbable Dreams

December brings about a holiday themed posted for Performance I Create. The following excerpt is taken from The Dreamer of Improbable Dreams. READ MORE

10 Questions to Ask When Faced with Work Related ChangesAsk These 10 Questions When Faced With Work Changes

Work long enough and you will inevitably be a part of a merger. It’s a fact of business. Let’s also not kid ourselves and think that all mergers are easy. Would it not be a safe bet to think that NO merger is easy – even if it appears to be so to the general public? Businesses have to adjust and make changes just like the employees. Some companies conduct a merger in a way that is not only in the best interest of the business, but also what is best for the (potential) incoming employees. But, the fact is simple: You WILL have questions and want answers. If that happens to you, ask these 10 questions. READ MORE

HR: Becoming Lost in Time

Do you ever feel as if you don’t have enough time in the day? Do you wish you could just do one more thing – just one – before bed? Or, do you feel like you fail to accomplish just half of all the things you planned to do in a given day, week, month, year? I speculate that it would be a safe bet to say that many of us would say “YES” to AT LEAST one of these questions. Perhaps it is time for us to firmly press the proverbial breaks before becoming lost in time. READ MORE

Thanks for following the journey during this year of change! Let’s see what 2015 brings!



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