4 DC Comics Updates from Newsarama – Week of February 18th

by:  Kyle Jones

This is a new series of posts highlighting news and events from the web over the prior week.   One of my favorite outlets for comic book news is Newsarama.com.  

DC Comics

Like Marvel Comics, DC Comics had a busy week last week.

#1 – Superman/Batman Return as Ongoing



A classic team-up turned into a “must-read” book in the first decade of the 21st Century returns to DC Comics’ publishing line.  To read the article, click here.

#2 – DC Nation 

HR To WHO #2 from Kyle Jones' kylemjones.com

I do not agree with Cartoon Network’s decision to cancel DC Nation. Click here for latest recaps.


#3 – Green Lantern Creative Changes

HR to Who Number 3 Image from Kyle Jones
I will miss Geoff Johns’ run on Green Lantern.  He turned a franchise that I never really enjoyed into one that I consider one of the favorite reads each month.  For more on creative changes with Green Lantern, click here.


#4 – Artist Scott Clark Passes Away

HR to Who by Kyle Jones

It is quite sad how fleeting life can be and makes you need – whether you do or not – take a look at how much we take for granted.  To read more about Mr. Clark’s passing, click here.

Scott Clark Passes Away

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