4 HR Blog Posts | May 27 – June 02, 2013



I am on a mission to broaden my HR horizons by consuming as much content from other HR bloggers as possible.  The following are four posts I’ve discovered over the last week – plus one more.


4 HR Blog Posts


HR to WHO Fistful of Talent (Laurie Ruettimann)

Needless Martyrs:  Human Resources and the EAP


HR To WHO #2 from Kyle Jones' kylemjones.comLadet Management

Practice Makes Permanent


HR to Who Number 3 Image from Kyle JonesFistful of Talent (William Tincup)

Cover Letters, Thank You Notes and Mariam YakHR Blogs, HRtoWHO, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HR, Mississippi SHRM, Mississippi HR


HR to Who by Kyle JonesEvil HR Lady (Suzanne Lucas)

Why I love Mondays – And Maybe You Should, Too



Creative Chaos Interview

Finally, I would like to add #5 to this list and say a public “THANK YOU” to Victorio Milian.

Creative Chaos HR Blog Author

I’ve mentioned him previously on this blog for his kindness to myself and other new HR bloggers.  Yet, this word of thanks goes one step further as I was honored that he chose me as part of is HR Interview series on his Creative Chaos blog.


Thank you, Victorio.


HR to WHO #5

Creative Chaos

Kyle Jones:  The HR Interview






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