4 HR Blog Posts: New Year’s Edition


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We’ve said goodbye to 2013 and are now on to 2014. It is a time of rebirth and regeneration as we begin a new year.  It is a new start.  A new beginning with hopes for being better than what came before. I celebrate my own New Year’s post by sharing some of the New Year’s post written by an outstanding set of bloggers.


4 HR Blog Posts: New Year’s Edition


HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi HR ConferenceThe first post is from Victorio Milian. Part of his post informs us:

Chaos can be good; I’ve asked my readers to embrace it since I first started this blog. In the business environment it’s important to understand that things are likely going to change. And as SunTzu (Chinese military commander and author of the Art of War) said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”


HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, MSSHRM, HR Mississippi, Kyle Jones HRThe second post is from Steve Browne.  Part of his post informs us:

Steve Browne, HR to Who, 4 HR Blog Posts

I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next !!  I don’t have to know the details, or have any absolute assurances in the least.  In fact, not knowing makes it a bit more exciting because I’ll get to experience whatever’s next as it happens.


HR to Who, Kyle Jones, HR Mississippi, MSSHRM, Kyle Jones Human ResourcesThe third post is from Ben Eubanks. Ben reminds us of the importance to continue giving – even after the holidays:


It’s the giving season around these parts, and I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of some of the great (free) resources that have been published here over the years.

HR to Who, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HR

The fourth post is from Robin Schooling. Robin shares a childhood Christmas memory in her post:

My childhood visits with Santa often took place at the Kooky Cooky House at Milwaukee’s Capitol Court Mall.  I vividly recall one visit (age 5 or 6) when I was wearing a red velvet dress, black patent leather shoes (always) and a white winter coat.  And a hand muff to keep my hands warm –the height of 1970 childhood fashion in the frigid Wisconsin winters.


More Information:

The What’s Next photo courtesy of Sbrownehr.com

Click on the links below to read the entire posts referenced above.  Please take a moment to comment on their posts as I am certain they will appreciate it.

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