4 HR Blog Posts: Week of August 11 – 17, 2013



Work may have taken time away from blogging and from keeping up-to-date with all the blogs I follow but I still found the following 4 HR Blog posts.  Enjoy!


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HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi HR Conference

The Biggest Game of Cat and Mouse You’ll Ever Play

Robin Schooling, HRSchoolhouse


HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, MSSHRM, HR Mississippi, Kyle Jones HR


Do You Love Your Job?

Steve Browne, EverydayPeople


Be GreatHR to Who, Kyle Jones, HR Mississippi, MSSHRM, Kyle Jones Human Resources 

Rayanne Thorn, Blogging4jobs


HR to Who, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HRGetting into HR: This Carnivals For You

Ben Eubanks, UpstartHR


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