4 Marvel Comics Updates from Newsarama – Week of February 18th

by:  Kyle Jones

This is a new series of posts highlighting news and events from the web over the prior week.   One of my favorite outlets for comic book news is Newsarama.com.  

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics had a busy week last week.

#1 – Matthew Vaughn & Fantastic Four Reboot



Did you see the first set of Fantastic Four movies?   Did you like them or did you think things could have been better?   My opinion is…they were good but casting could have been better.  To read the article, click here.  Marvel Comics Review from HR to WHO


#2 – Of The Dead Teaser

HR To WHO #2 from Kyle Jones' kylemjones.com

Marvel “Of the Dead” could mean a lot of things.  I’m curious and click here if you are, too.


#3 – Iron Man 3 Movie Poster

HR to Who Number 3 Image from Kyle Jones
Want to see an image of the Mandarin from Iron Man 3, click here.


#4 – Emma Frost Loses Her Cool in Uncanny X-Men

HR to Who by Kyle Jones

I think I might be in the minority of those who do not agree with the reboot of Uncanny X-Men.   This was THE X-Men book.  It was THE book that made me fall in love with the X-Men and I do not like the current direction nor do I like the artwork.   However, I found this interesting so click here for a preview.

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