5 Things to Expect from 2014 @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

I will have the honor to attend the Mississippi SHRM Leaders Retreat next Friday and Saturday in Meridian, Mississippi. This retreat has become an annual event. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.  So, I hope everyone will share my excitement as I list my 5 Things to Expect from 2014 @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat.


@MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

Mississippi SHRM, @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat, Kyle JonesThe purpose of the Mississippi SHRM Leaders Retreat is to provide orientation, networking and educational information to current and/or new SHRM volunteers in Mississippi.


#1 Mississippi SHRM State Council Meeting


The State Council of Mississippi SHRM is expected to meet next Friday. Plans for the upcoming 19th Annual Mississippi Human Resource Conference & Expo will be reviewed and finalized. This year marks my sixth year of participating in the behind-the-scenes planning of the event. My advice to anyone who attends any event is this: There is much more that goes into event planning than most realize.

I look forward to seeing the Council members, too!  Added bonus!


#2 Visit from Dorothy Knapp of SHRM

Dorothy Knapp of SHRM, @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

Dorothy Knapp, Field Service Director for Southeast Region, SHRM

Weather and conditions permitting, the event will see a visit from Dorothy Knapp, SHRM Field Service Director for the Southeast Region. Dorothy is a great resource of SHRM knowledge.  She has been a voice of encouragement as I’ve moved along my professional volunteer journey with SHRM.




#3 MSU Riley Center


MSU Riley Center Logo, @MSSHRM Leaders RetreatOur retreat will be held at the MSU Riley Center. I’ve never been but I am excited based on the pictures I’ve seen.


The following information is taken from the Riley Center’s website:


MSU Riley Center, @MSSHRM Leaders Retreat

Located in the heart of historic downtown Meridian, the MSU Riley Center opened its doors in September 2006 to offer cultural, artistic, and educational experiences like no other in the region. The multifaceted center attracts 60,000+ visitors to downtown Meridian annually for conferences, meetings, and performances. The center includes a fully restored 1889 grand opera house theater that seats approximately 950, a 200-seat studio theater, and 30,000 square feet of meeting space, including a large exhibit hall, breakout rooms, and boardrooms, all equipped with teleconferencing capabilities and built-in technical features to create the optimal meeting environment.

#4 The Trio Rides Again

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with two area HR pros to 95% of all SHRM events since November 2008. Our first trip together was to the SHRM Leadership Conference in November 2008. They – Jan Farve and Amanda Ford – have become two of my favorite from my HR circle. To read an article I wrote about Amanda, click here. To read an article I wrote about Jan, click here.


#5 Social Media Session with Curtis Midkiff

Technology will provide me the chance to meet and moderate (or maybe facilitate – either word is good) a closing session on Social Media with Curtis Midkiff. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Curtis in person during his tenure as SHRM’s Go-to-Guy for Social Media; however, he has graciously agreed to present at our event. He will be “attending” the event via Google Hangout.

I’ll update more information during and after the event.

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