9 Questions for Doctor Who Series 9

The premiere of Series 9 of Doctor Who is quickly approaching. How will the Twelfth Doctor’s second series differ from his first? What will happen to Clara Oswald, if anything? How did Osgood survive, or did she? And, do I even need to speculate about Missy? Join me as I speculate about what might happen – or what I would like to see happen – as Series 9 of Doctor Who unfolds.

9 Questions for Doctor Who Series 9

Spoiler warning! I assume that, by reading this, you have already seen Series 8. If not, as River would say…SPOILERS.

How did Missy survive?

The Master….The Mistress….Missy appeared to perish at the end of Death in Heaven; however, fans of the show know that the Master is never really gone for good. It’s confirmed in print, in interviews and the most recent trailer that Michelle Gomez will return as Missy. The question is…how did she survive?



My Opinion – Missy either teleported away or the tombstone was actually her TARDIS. (The Master’s TARDIS has not been seen since the 1980s and it did not have a broken chameleon circuit. It could have easily blended into the surroundings and, if so, it would be logical that the appearance it took inside a graveyard would be….a tombstone.


How did Osgood surOsgood returns for Series 9vive, or did she?

The Doctor gives Osgood hints of an invitation to travel with him. Then, mere minutes later, Missy destroys her with (what I call) the Say Something Nice Device. Yet, it is confirmed that Unit AND Osgood return this season. It is also confirmed that the Zygons will return, too. This dual return provides potential evidence of the Osgood who returns being the Zygon version..or does it?

My Opinion – It will either be a time travel episode, meeting her before she dies or it will be the Zygon version. This would allow the addition of a saddened emotion added on top of her return.

Speculation and rumor that Clara will depart during (or at end) of Series 9.  Will she?

Janna Coleman WAS Leaving Doctor Who in 2014

Photo courtesy of www.doctorwhotv.co.uk

The 2014 Christmas special felt (a bit) contrived. It wasn’t my favorite Christmas episode BUT, by far, it wasn’t my least. My issue with the episode was the ending – how it appeared Clara was leaving but did not at the last minute. This misdirection didn’t feel organic to the story. Instead, knowing that Jenna Coleman did plan to exit the show until the last minute, I came away from the episode feeling it was….well….contrived. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to see Clara return for Series 9.

My Opinion – Jenna Coleman will leave at some point during Series 9.  In fact, I just thought of this….seriously….perhaps her departure is tied to my next question….

What mistake does the Doctor make?

Various reports give hints that the Doctor makes a terrible mistake. What is the mistake? Could it be that the Doctor makes a mistake that results in Clara’s death? Could this have already happened (for the Doctor) at the beginning of the Season and we steadily progress throughout the series towards Clara’s death? Matt Smith’s second series as the Eleventh Doctor saw the finale begin in the first episode and catch-up/be explained in the actual finale. Perhaps, since both series would be helmed by Steven Moffat, it could happen.

My Opinion – I’m clueless, at this point.

Peter Capaldi has made recent references – several of them – to Susan. Will Carole Ann Ford return for a guest appearance?

Carole Ann Ford is the original companion. She’s still active in Doctor Who and has expressed interest in returning. It would be a missed opportunity to not allow her to make a guest appearance. After all, the Doctor did say: “One day I shall come back….”

Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman

My Opinion – Carole Anne Ford will return as Susan, at least for an appearance. That is my wish more so that my opinion.

Maisie Williams – What character will she play?

Arya Stark on Doctor WhoGame of Thrones and Doctor Who are two programs with a very strong fandom. When one actor crosses to the other show…excitement!!! Such is the case with Maisie Williams upcoming guest appearance(s). The question is – What character will she play? Steven Moffat has said she will not play someone we already know; however, we know that The Moffat lies!  (He said it…not me.)  So, assuming that she IS someone we already know, who might that be? The suspects include: Romana, Missy, Clara, Jenny, or the Rani.

My Opinion – I choose to assume (hope) that Carole Anne Ford will return. Could it be that Maisie Williams’ character is the grandchild of Susan Foreman? Or, could it be that she is actually a regenerated Susan? If so, it would answer one of the oldest unanswered questions (often assumed) in Doctor Who – Was Susan a Time Lady….can she regenerate?


Michelle Gomez recently made reference to her first appearance location – that it was not just re-using old props.

Remember Missy’s first appearance? The one in the garden? Did it seem familiar? It was also used in the episode The Girl Who Waited.

Missy, Doctor Who, Clara Oswald


My Opinion – I’m clueless. I know that Moffat never does anything (normally) without a reason.

Will there be any adjustment to the inside of the Tardis?

Could the TARDIS look differently this year? Will the interior change?
My Opinion – I don’t think it will or, if it does, it will be subtle. The look to last year’s interior was a darker version of the final one used for the Eleventh Doctor. I don’t think there will be a drastic change….unless…..

How will Capaldi’s portrayal differ from Series 8, now that he is in his second year?

The Twelfth Doctor was a drastic change – both physically and in character – from the Eleventh. The grumpiness of the First Doctor + aloofness of the Sixth + a bit of the comedic Fourth + the style of the Third = The Twelfth, in my opinion. How will Peter Capaldi change his portrayal now that he’s in his second year playing the beloved Time Lord?


My Opinion – We will see more of the Twelfth Doctor’s personality in Series 9. Series 8 focused on removing the Doctor from the direct lives of his companions – a major contrast from the Eleventh – by focusing on Clara’s life outside the TARDIS. While I was not the biggest fan of Series 8’s overall tone, I do agree that it was needed to help alter the show’s direction. Now it is time to explore more about what makes this version of the Doctor tick.



Tell me your opinion! What do YOU think will happen in Series 9?


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