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I read an article in 2008 about the anticipated “death of blogging” and its demise by 2009-2010.  Blogs were to become a thing of the past replaced by the powerhouse Myspace.com and others like it.  It’s now 2013 and social media didn’t destroy the art of blogging….it made it stronger.   During the years since 2008 novice bloggers have become professionals as they weathered the change and honed their craft.

Blogs for Everyone and Everything

Everyone has a voice in the blogosphere and use those voices for a variety of reasons.  Some use blogging for leisure while some use to advance their careers.  The platforms are varied as, for example, some may use Blogger while some use WordPress or other platforms.  Some say a blog should only have one topic but others disagree.  (I have said in this very blog that I don’t believe in the concept of being restricted to just one topic – hence, HR to WHO.)

There are blogs for writers, designers, sports, business, comics, television, children, radio, bands, etc. etc. etc.  There is quite literally something for just about everyone.  Need a blog for advice on parenting…yes, you can find it.  Need a blog on how to write a blog….yes, you can find it.  You’ll probably be able to find blogs about things you DON’T want to know about if you look too long!!

Regardless of the topic or the platform there is one constant – the voice.   Everyone wants to be heard and, whether we agree or not, everyone has the right to be heard.  As an HR practitioner, I know this from my own day-to-day job.

HR Blogs and HRSchoolhouse.com

Speaking of day-to-day jobs, we all know that there are also blogs for Human Resources. Two of the best that must be mentioned here are SHRM.ORG and WEKNOWNEXT.COM.

Robin Schooling SPHR

Robin Schooling, SPHR

I’ve been able, thanks to my participation with Mississippi SHRM, to meet HR professionals from across Mississippi as well as SHRM representatives from all over the United States.  This has brought the ability to connect with bloggers as far away as New York City and as close as next door in Louisiana. I recently connected with Robin Schooling, SPHR, author of HR Schoolhouse.  This connection was completely random even though I had previously read some of Robin’s work.  This connection, on Twitter, led me to her blog and to a post recognizing other Louisiana bloggers.

It was exciting to see there were so many right next door to Mississippi, but, to be quite honest, I was forced to ask myself the following:

Am I the only HR blogger in Mississippi?  

Surely, I can’t be???!?

Mississippi HR Bloggers

Mississippi Human Resource Bloggers Kyle Jones HR to WhoSo, it is time.  Today I put out the virtual call to all Mississippi Human Resource Bloggers!   Are you out there?  If so, it would be great to connect, share tips & tricks, successes and failures, and – ultimately – learn from each other.   Please contact me by commenting on this blog post or on social networks.

Additional Information

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