A Review of Skillz Drillz

Jan Farve, Workforce Readiness Director for Mississippi SHRM and 2014-2015 Chapter President for the Pine Belt HRA, won a SHRM Pinnacle Award in 2012 for her Skillz Drillz program.  I’ve written previously about Skillz Drillz on this site and other blogs. Now, while Farve transitions the program into a new phase and as she moves into an advisory role within the program, we take a look back on some of the Skillz Drillz highlights.


A Review of Skillz Drillz

Skillz Drillz, a SHRM Pinnacle Award winning program created by Jan Taylor Farve, CSP, PHR, teaches fundamental skills to Mississippi at-risk youth.  It began in 2008.  Farve said the following in 2012 when asked about the program’s focus:

Jan Farve of Mississippi SHRM and South Mississippi SHRM featured on HR to Who by Kyle Jones

That could be answered in several ways and might differ depending upon who you ask.  A large part of the program is to encourage students to have a desire to plan a career path while seeking ways to succeed at that plan.  Surveys show that the students who have completed the program, at a rate of 57%, have increased visits to school career counseling, work study programs, internships, and college prep classes.


Reaching the Pinnacle

SHRM recognizes outstanding achievement with the Pinnacle award. This award, according to SHRM:

The Pinnacle Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievements in chapter/state council development and contributions to the advancement of effective human resource management. All SHRM professional chapters and state councils are eligible to compete in this program. Winners will each receive a $1,000 grant presented at a chapter/state council meeting with special recognition in SHRM publications and during the Leadership Conference. 

Information courtesy of SHRM.ORG

Jan Farve's Skillz Drillz

On November 25, 2012, Farve received a Pinnacle Award for Skillz Drillz on behalf of Mississippi SHRM.


Jan Farve’s Skillz Drillz wins SHRM Pinnacle Award for Mississippi SHRM.

Alexandria, Virginia – Jan Farve, Mississippi SHRM Workforce Readiness Director, received the SHRM Pinnacle Award on behalf of the Mississippi State Council of SHRM at the annual SHRM Leadership Conference tonight.  This event is held annually in Washington, DC.  Farve received this award along with other Mississippi SHRM State Council members and Dorothy Knapp, SHRM Field Services Director.

“I can’t stop shaking,” Farve said shortly after the announcement.  “This is such an honor to be recognized for a program that means so much to me.”  


Jan Farve of Mississippi SHRM wins Pinnacle Award.

Members of the Mississippi State Council of SHRM.

On May 01, 2013, Farve was recognized for her award at the 18th Annual Mississippi Human Resource Conference & Expo. The following video and additional information was posted on May 02.


This video was taken at the Mississippi SHRM conference yesterday and is followed-up by a compilation of Jan Farve’s One Moment in Time during the 2012 SHRM Leadership Conference when her program, Skillz Drillz, won a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Pinnacle Award. Featured in the video are other members of the Mississippi SHRM State Council who attended the event in November.





Congratulations, Jan, on a job well done.


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