A Tale of Two Topics


Many people have asked me over-and-over why I chose to have a blog that is two different topics. I’ve been told that search engine optimization doesn’t favor such and that the blog is destined for failure. I choose to believe otherwise.


A Tale of Two Topics


I don’t know everything about blogging.  Actually, I don’t know much when you get right down to the bottom line. And, you want to know something? This is what makes it exciting! This is what makes taking a thought and typing it into a computer so enjoyable. I am learning something of interest and it is making me grow as a person.Kyle Jones' Two Topic Blog

Yes, it is okay to have a two-topic blog because those two topics help define who I am.  I spend much of the day working and my WORK is mostly human resources. I spend some of my leisure time reading and writing and watching….yes….DOCTOR WHO. Combining the two is unique and it gives a unique voice.  It is MY voice.


Imagine if you met me.  Chances are we would talk about work and I would mention that I work in HR.  If we discussed hobbies my mention of Doctor Who would be inevitable. Would it not be appropriate for me to write about the same topics?


I say the answer is “yes”.  So, I show my defiance to the norm and happily post this dual-subject post on a dual-subject blog.  It is me.



Blog Obstacles


  1. Spreading the Word – My choice of a two topic blog immediately put a barrier in front of me. There is a high chance that those who want to read about Doctor Who do not want to read about Human Resources and the opposite can be applied. It isn’t appropriate for me to share a Doctor Who Timeless Quote on LinkedIn and I wouldn’t post a HR post on a Doctor Who page on Facebook. The end result is that I’ve had to work harder and be a bit more focused in how I market the blog. I am sure that I’ve made mistakes along the way.

  2. Facebook Page Issue – This may seem simple but the issue with my Facebook page for HR to Who has had a negative impact on the blog.  The negative impact comes from the non-response by Facebook of the error preventing updates to the page’s about section.  The time I wasted researching and posting to find answers/help could have been used in other ways. Facebook never responded and I entered the two-week deletion mode on October 01, 2013.


Blog Successes


  1. I’ve connected with HR professionals from around the world.

  2. I’ve connected with Doctor Who fans from around the world.


What Do You Think?


The tune I sing today may be much different in a year or two.  If you had the option, would you go for one blog with one topic or more than one?  What do you think?


Additional Reading


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