A Vote for Steve Browne is a Vote to Find the Extraordinary

My friend and fellow #PICHR contributor, Dave Ryan, mentioned Steve Browne’s upcoming consideration in the annual election of the SHRM Board of Directors when recording our first episode of the upcoming Performance I Create Podcast. I, along with Sarah Williams, Heather Kenzie, and Tiffany Kuehl, all agreed…Steve Browne ROCKS! A quick search led me to another friend, Matthew Stollack, who had also mentioned Steve. 

While I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Steve in person, we’ve spoken many times by phone and I know people who he has graced with his enthusiasm and energy.

True Faith HR’s Post About Steve Brown

With Matt’s permission, I share his post:

Vote for Steve Browne 2015 SHRM BoardAbout this time each year, I receive notification that SHRM will be having their annual election for their Board of Directors.  I usually gloss over the names, as few, if any, know how individuals are chosen for the vaunted position, and I rarely have heard of those that are on the ballot.  When the ballot arrives, I give a quick vote for the slate of candidates, and it really doesn’t register much more on my mind.   It’s very hard to challenge the status quo, as the SHRM Members for Transparency tried to do.

However, this upcoming election is different.  Why?

Steve Browne is running for the position.

While there are many great attributes about Steve that make him a worthy addition to the SHRM Board of Directors, I’ll highlight two:

Steve Browne knows SHRM inside out as an active volunteer.

Unlike most candidates for the SHRM Board of Directors, Steve rose through the ranks of SHRM volunteer leader.  Not only has Steve served on his state SHRM conference committee, but has served as OHSHRM State Director and President of the Greater Cincinnati HR Association.  In addition, he served on the SHRM Membership Advisory Committee (SHRM MAC).  Based on this experience, Steve will be an active and responsible voice representing the thousands of individuals who volunteer for SHRM on a regular basis.


Steve Browne is active on social media.


When was the last time you saw a tweet from Immediate Past Chair Bette Francis of Twitter?  What about current SHRM President and Board member Hank Jackson?  Or Jeffrey Cava?  It’d be a miracle, because they are not on Twitter.  Current Chair Brian Silva?  One entire Tweet.  The most active member appears to be Jorge Consuegra, who has made a whopping 51 tweets since joining Twitter in 2007.  While being active on Twitter isn’t really that big a deal or should be a determinant for Board status, it does demonstrate an active effort to advance the HR profession.  Steve Browne has 35,000+ tweets and over 27,000 followers.  In addition, he sends out a weekly e-mail called The HR Net (sign up here) that promotes the best in HR.  He also blogs regularly at his own blog, Everyday People, as well as a contributor to CareerBuilder’s Talent Advisor Portal.  He is one of the most active individuals highlighting what is great about the HR profession and HR professionals.


So, when that ballot does arrive in your e-mail inbox….Don’t hesitate to vote for Steve.


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