This blog, HR to Who – From Human Resources to Doctor Who is housed at  http://kylemjones.com.  The blog is the result of a childhood desire to tell stories crashing into an adult need to communicate with others who share the same interest and/or the same profession.HR to Who Logo by Kyle Jones of Mississippi SHRM and South Mississippi SHRM

Blogging Wisdom typically states that a blog should only have one topic.

When I first began the blog in 2012 I asked, “Why can’t a blog reflect the author?”

A single theme, at least for me, served only to limit creativity; therefore, I went against conventional wisdom that all blogs must have a singular theme – just one niche. I wanted it to reflect me and my interests. Now, it is 2014 and the blog continues. 

There will be two main themes, as stated in the title: Human Resources & Doctor Who.  

Sub-themes will include: Personal Projects and Posts, Social Media, Comic Books and other topics as needed.

It should be noted that the use of Doctor Who related information is not intended to infringe upon any rights of the BBC or its affiliates. Instead, it is meant to honor the history of a program that has brought entertainment to millions for over fifty years.  

About HR to Who: The Content

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This site will host original content but may also carry content created for and published to three other websites/blogs. Those three sites are:

The information that follows is included for the sole intent of stating that this is a blog of ideas. These disclaimers shall absolve the author(s) of this site from any and all issues any person or other entity might have. It is written in best intention and as free-speech with no copyright infringement be intended. The author(s) will not post hateful and defamatory information and will expect those commenting to respond in kind. The opinions shared are those of the blogger(s) and not the views of one and/or more (if appropriate) current employer(s).

The content of HR to Who is meant to inform, create discussion, and provide the author with a creative outlet. Any advice and/or suggestions offered are to be considered simply that – advice and/or suggestions. This blog carries no intent to direct the actions of any individual or group(s) of individuals. Anyone choosing to read this blog does so of his/her own accord.  Anyone who takes consideration of and acts upon any tips, suggestions, etc. offered herein does so of his/her own accord.

 About HR to Who: The Images

Original images will be used whenever possible but, by the nature of this blog, screenshots and/or replicas of images may be used.  As stated above, no copyright infringement will be intended should it occur and every possible step will be taken to ensure that proper credit is given to the original author. Should such event occur and the owner of such content does not wish it to be displayed, simply contact me and I will resolve any issue in a timely fashion.

About HR to WHO: The Comments and Other Info

The HR to Who blog is my own and any other guest author’s conversation with anyone who might read.  Posts will be edited but, from time to time, errors in punctuation, grammar, etc. may occur. The author edits his own work and is, alas, human.

You are encouraged to comment, agree, disagree and even dislike any post(s). While all ideas are respected, hateful comments, however, will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

The purpose of this site is as stated above and, as such, anyone who reads content posted acknowledges that these are opinions of the author(s) and of anyone who might comment. The author(s) is/are not responsible for any, loss, damage, and any other issue, etc. that might occur  as a result of reading.

The author realizes that the above statement(s) may be overstated but felt it appropriate to mention.



Thank you for taking time to read this blog.

It is appreciated more than you know!

HR to WHO began in 2012 as a blogging experiment. Now, years have passed and it is still going forward. I thank everyone who has read, commented, discussed, and inspired me along the way. I write because I love to make words come alive, but I also write because of each and every reader. If I have made a positive impact upon you – I am honored.  My efforts were not for nothing.

Please know that I do not intend to overwhelm with Doctor Who content. After all, if I am also blogging about Human Resources, what do HR and Doctor Who have in common? Well, you many think nothing BUT it is my angle. It is how I choose to separate myself from the mold and make my own voice unique.

Please subscribe, comment, bookmark the site, or whatever you feel appropriate.  I look forward to the continued conversation and thank you for reading.

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