Alex Kingston Wins 2013 Fan Favorite Award



This is no spoiler.  This is fact.  Alex Kingston has won the third annual Anglo Fan Favorite Women’s Tournament. 

Alex defeated Downton Abbey’s Dame Maggie Smith by a staggering 77 to 23 percent ranking score. This win is another testament to  her popularity as an actress and the amazing depth she brings to our beloved River Song. (Note: The video shown above is from a previous interview.)


Alex Kingston Wins 2013 Fan Favorite Award



Alex Kingston first appeared on Doctor Who in 2008 introducing David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble to someone from The Doctor’s future.  Someone who he had not yet met.  River Song ultimately….SPOILERS……by the end of the two-parter.  She returned in 2010 alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor.  Her most recent appearance was in The Name of the Doctor, the finale leading into the 50th Anniversary episode.River Song

It is no shock to me that she won.  She rightfully deserves the recognition for bringing to life a character that often overshadows The Doctor himselves.  River has become an eagerly anticipated part of Doctor Who and is, in my opinion, an asset to the show.  No character is not without a replacement just as no actor can guarantee his/her longevity in any role.  In fact, as the story goes, she isn’t even the first actress to play the role of River Song.  (Again, spoilers!)  Regardless, I hope that her next appearance will be in the Christmas episode and is there when Matt Smith relinquishes the role and regenerates into Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

Congratulations, Alex, on a well-deserved win.  Again, I hope she is in the Christmas episode. If not, it is my hope that we will see you again sometime in the  future…or past…or the present.  Bottom line – River Returns!

What is your favorite River Song moment form the current season or from any prior appearances?


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