Anyone Can Be A Hero: The Fantastic Steve

My previous post, Anyone Can Be A Hero, showcased several HR professionals who serve as inspiration to others. My goal was to encourage others to give back…to say thanks. The information that follows is a continuation of my dialog with the awesome Steve Browne.  And, in the tradition of comic books old and new, it would only be proper to give Mr. Browne his own super hero code name. Therefore, with abundant fanfare, I present Anyone Can Be A Hero: The Fantastic Steve!

The Fantastic Steve

Every hero needs an origin . . .

Steve Browne worked tirelessly and diligently. He interviewed.  He evaluated.  He filed timely reports.  Then, on one fateful night as he dusted the pizza sauce off his briefcase, this mild mannered practitioner of all things HR, fell victim to The Spectral Senate, Rulers of the Legislative Dominion.

Steve did not flinch.  No despair in him. Instead, he called upon the resources of those who are human. In his mind, the two letters were chosen and he spoke them as one in a thunderous whisper.

“HR,” he said.

Infused with HR wisdom and vitality, Mr. Browne was transformed. Wielding the Power of the Pen, he now gives words new life as: The Fantastic Steve, Agent of S.H.R.M.


Questions for the Fantastic

I wasn’t able to speak with The Fantastic Steve but corresponded with him via email.  His answers to my questions are as follows:

The Fantastic Steve, The Power of Human Resources

What makes someone a HR Hero?

 Someone who puts others before themselves genuinely and consistently.  Someone who is willing to bare themselves first and not expect anything from others in return.  Someone who understands the value of what EVERYONE brings to work and in all facets of life.  Also, an HR Hero is intentional and takes risks to elevate people in organizations.


I chose to use Anyone Can Be a Hero as the title. What does Anyone Can Be A Hero mean for you?Fantastic Steve, Steve Browne, HR to Who, Kyle Jones

Real people make the best heroes.  You can tell if someone is “real” not by their persona or what they say, but by what others say about them.  If someone is spoken about in a positive light, you know they are impacting others.  Being heroic means being present.  However that takes shape will mean the most at the time it’s needed.  Heroism rarely calls for station, stature or popularity.  Instead it calls for willingness, vulnerability and availability.  All people have those attributes.  It just depends on if they choose to use them or not.


What might be the greatest power that an HR professional – or anyone for that matter – might possess?

Sincerity.  It’s so rare that it truly carries more power than anything grand.

The Fantastic Steve

 If you could have a comic book superpower, what would it be and why?

 I’ve always liked Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.  He’s brilliant, a risk taker and extremely pliable.  I would use my power to defend those who needed it and wrap people up and intentionally connect them.  It may be uncomfortable for them, but they couldn’t shake my grasp !!




Should we, Everyday People, ever find ourselves in need of HR inspiration, look no further than  For it is there, faithful reader, that we are sure to find, The Fantastic Steve, Agent of S.H.R.M.




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