Did Apple Deliver at WWDC?

Earlier today I posted an article about Apple called Apple’s Art of Anticipation. It discussed Apple Executive’s mastery of the keynote speech. It’s evening and the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference Keynote is in the books. It’s done. Finished.  So, the question must be asked: Did Apple Deliver at WWDC?

Did Apple Deliver at WWDC, WWDC Banner

Did Apple Deliver at WWDC?

I stated the following earlier today:

Today could be a very big day for Apple and for Tim Cook. Many Apple critics claim that Cook does not have the same talent for captivating the audience as did Jobs. Perhaps this is true or perhaps it is not. In the end and in my opinion, the products matter more. The return on my monetary investment is what matters to me. The fact that I write this post while watching television on the night before WWDC is evidence of this art. Also, that I will take my lunch break to watch the streamed video serves as another example.


Did I watch the keynote? Yes, I did.

Did my predictions come true? Some did and some did not.

There were a few great buzz moments but, for the most part, I was underwhelmed.  Yes, I am the same person who wrote about anticipation earlier felt that Apple didn’t deliver.

It was time for a reality check.  



WWDC Reality Check

The Art of Anticipation

I needed a reality check and found it by examining WWDC.  In doing so, I realized something about WWDC:  Apple adoption has vastly increased since the introduction of the iPhone.

The public has become accustomed to the “Steve Jobs Keynote” and almost expect a new gadget/device announcement as part of the event.  For me, the event carries the name WWDC and I sometimes forget the letter breakdown:  World Wide DEVELOPERS Conference

The key is developers.

WWDC is an event designed for developers and not for the public. Yes, it now has hype and great anticipation but the event remains for developers. The release of hardware does not necessarily play a vital role.

My feeling of being underwhelmed stemmed from the hope of seeing new hardware. I wanted to see the iPhone 6 or the iWatch or a new iPad.

This realization changed my view and made me realize that Apple did indeed deliver for the audience in attendance.  After all, developers need this information to be able to create the next-great App!


Did Apple Deliver at WWDC, Apple Keynote


OS X Yosemite and iOS 8


Earlier today I said the following regarding OS X with additional notes in bold post-keynote.

The likelihood for the release of the next version of OS X is about 99.99999%. My questions are:

What are the feature changes? The ability to make/receive calls from your iPad or Mac is a game changer for me.

What will be styled differently? Flat is the new black.

What is the cost? (Will it be a free download like Mavericks?) No cost!

When will it be available? This Fall.

Will the Gmail problems introduced in Mavericks be resolved in this new version? Not mentioned.


The likelihood for an announcements of the next version of iOS – iOS 8 – is about 99.999999%.  My questions are:

  • What are the feature changes? New Health app along with other updates.
  • Will it look different? Tweaks to iOS7
  • When will it be available? This fall.

Apple Delivered


When considering the audience, Apple delivered as expected.

Guess what? The Art of Anticipation also holds true. The curtain fell and I saw a brief glimpse of the next OS versions. I eagerly anticipate using them. I eagerly anticipate the announcement of Apple’s next event.

Good Job, Mr. Cook.  You delivered.

What are your thoughts?  Share if you think Apple did or did not deliver.


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