Apple’s Art of Anticipation

Apple, Inc. is the maker of great devices. I’ll prove my claim one day in a post about my Apple experience; however, today is not about the merits of Apple. It is about Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, commonly known as WWDC. The late Steve Jobs made WWDC into an event in 2007 with the announcement of the first iPhone. This event has now created what I call Apple’s Art of Anticipation.

WWDC, Apple, Art of Anticipation

Apple’s Art of Anticipation

Today could be a very big day for Apple and for Tim Cook. Many Apple critics claim that Cook does not have the same talent for captivating the audience as did Jobs. Perhaps this is true or perhaps it is not. In the end and in my opinion, the products matter more. The return on my monetary investment is what matters to me. The fact that I write this post while watching television on the night before WWDC is evidence of this art. Also, that I will take my lunch break to watch the streamed video serves as another example.

The Art of Anticipation


Apple Announcements

Big announcements come from WWDC.  The likelihood for the release of the next version of OS X is about 99.99999%. My questions are:


  1. What are the feature changes?
  2. What will be styled differently?
  3.  What is the cost? (Will it be a free download like Mavericks?)
  4. When will it be available?
  5. Will the Gmail problems introduced in Mavericks be resolved in this new version?

The likelihood for an announcements of the next version of iOS – iOS 8 – is about 99.999999%.  My questions are:


  1. What are the feature changes?
  2. Will it look different?
  3. When will it be available?



Possible Announcements

The rest is rumor and the rumor mill has run non-stop. The following are my predictions:


  • Updated MacBook line – About 80% possible
  • New iPhone & iPad – 50 – 75% possible | Apple may choose to wait and release the iPhone/iPad info later this summer/fall.
  • Apple TV – Will the current Apple TV be updated or will we see the much-anticipated “new” iTV / Apple TV?  I give this a 50/50% chance.
  • iWatch – Samsung, considered the leading competitor to Apple, sells wearable technology with the Galaxy S Series. I would give the likelihood of some type of wearable announcement a 90% rating.
  • Apple Home – Speculation abounds and I mention this for the sake of mentioning.  I give a 40%/60% as I am unsure if Apple will choose to give away too much at one time.  If they choose to delay announcing mobile devices, the chances of this release increase dramatically. WWDC Stream

Want to watch the streaming of the keynote?  Click on the image below for Apple’s website.


The Art of Anticipation




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