Bad Weather Driving 101: We Need to Slow Down

January 2016 looks to go down as a weather month to remember. While I have no idea what it would be like to live in New York (city or state) or Washington D.C., I would imagine the following would serve any location.

Bad Weather Driving 101: We Need to Slow Down

I don’t like driving in the rain. I also don’t like driving in cold, wet, rainy, icy, or any other hazardous conditions. Living in an area where snow comes only in measurements of flurries to mere inches pales in comparison to areas measured in feet! I’m quite the argument can be made that we adapt based on the area. Maybe. Maybe not.

I would think that one thing is universally true: Bad Weather Driving 101: We need to slow down!

From Brookhaven to Ridgeland

Bad Weather Driving 101

Working away from home, I awoke at 5:45am to VERY cold Mississippi weather. By 6:43am, with packed bags and a cup of coffee, I set out from Brookhaven toward Ridgeland – both Mississippi, of course. The usual morning commute voices – Chris Cuomo, Michaela Pereira, and Alisyn Camerota of CNN’s New Day – served as companions on my journey.  

The flurries – more snow-rain than snow – didn’t return until my journey was half-complete. The winds, with their constant nudge, provided reminders to pay attention on the drive. No distractions!

The speed limit on I-55 North tops out at 70 MPH. I chose 60 as a happy medium. Amazingly, several large trucks chose to also abide by the slower speed. Perhaps, like me, they saw a need to be a bit more cautious – a bit more reserved.

A Need for Speed?

Somewhere along the way I noticed a truck in the rearview mirror. The red cab (with what I think were white or..maybe…yellow markings) barrelled down the interstate – as if to have no other purpose but speed.  At least, it appeared so.  

The only time that I felt the gust of the wind to such a degree that it jerked my SUV was when he passed. The only time!

Was the fast driving necessary? What if his actions had caused me to swerve…hit an ice patch…etc? What if he did something else to someone else? Was the fast driving, when so many other vehicles of the same build, drove much slower?

Somewhere to be?

Did he have somewhere he needed to be? Sure!

So did we all.  

I watched the vehicle disappear into the traffic ahead.  What does it mean to anyone if you lose all your time by trying to save only a few moments?  

Maybe we should all slow down just a bit??

Drive safely!
When driving, we need to slow down!

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