Be Better Than Yesterday

Be Better Than Yesterday

We are all a work in progress – every single solitary one of us. And, no matter how much we achieve, we can learn something else. Human Resources, as a profession, learns from the trends, the job forecasts, and so much more. We learn something from each candidate who interviews for an open position. We learn from the failed project as we also learn from the one that was a success. In the end, perhaps, we should all strive for one thing. What is that one thing? Be better than yesterday!

Be Better

How much time do we spend focusing on the same things talk about year-after-year-after-year-after-year? Now, I am not saying those same things (year-after-year) are not important – as many of them are. What if we, just for one moment, changed our focus? What if we, as an industry, chose to look inward rather than outward? What if we, as an industry, choose to make ourselves better?

Let’s think for a moment about what it means to be better?

Google Dictionary provides the following definition of the word, in verb form:

improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement).: “bettering his previous time by ten minutes”.

In addition:

  • Being better means to improve on the existing.
  • It means we make something better.
  • This is better than what it was.
  • How can I do this better?
  • This is for the betterment of all mankind.


My friend Broc Edwards recently wrote an article about making HR better. In the article, Broc said that we could make HR better by:

celebrating the impact HR has on people and the business. HR is not always an easy place to be. We tend to deal with people at their best and worst moments without a whole lot in between. BUT that’s what makes HR such an important, exciting, and fulfilling field to be in.


I wrote about how someone made me better in an article today on PerformanceICreate. In that article I said,

In the work environment, as much as we may think we are irreplaceable, very few – if any – of us are. The void will be filled and a successful business will move forward. That’s life. That is what change is all about. So, if the void will ultimately be filled, I would think it would be in our best interest to make sure that we are remembered. How do we do that? We set an example and inspire those around us.


How can you make an impact in your HR role in 2015?

What can you do TODAY that will make you better than yesterday?



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