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Customer service can make or break a product.  It’s as simple as this and I’ve heard for a long time the saying “if you don’t take care of the customer…someone else will.” That is what happened for me with Buffer. They took care of the customer and, in turn, prompted the writing of this post.

I consider myself a fairly easygoing guy.  I don’t get mad easily and I try to help others. HOWEVER….I do sometimes tend to be very short-tempered when it comes to something that I see as wrong or being poor customer service. And, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I have no problem calling out a business if I find the service lacking.

An example of this would be Comcast/Xfinity.




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 I’ve had countless issues with their service and that causes me to have ZERO tolerance with them if there is any outage or (fill in the blank). I will visit Twitter/Google+/Facebook, etc. anytime I have a complaint and usually become more frustrated because of it.

That’s just me.

That’s what I do and each time I do it there is always a Comcast/Xfinity reason behind it. (I was actually told by the local branch once that “I don’t know why the call center sent you here.  They don’t know what they’re talking about.” I was also told by a rude Tech once that “I hate working for Comcast.” That could be why he was so rude!)


On the reverse side of Comcast, I have a lot of patience with Netflix and it was because of something they did in September 2005.  The price they paid in the gesture – I think – was a priceless return in goodwill from the customers. I live about an hour north of Biloxi/Gulfport and was in the area considered part of the Katrina Zone. I had an email from Netflix in my inbox when I was able to check email again.

Netflix logo courtesy of http://blog.blytheco.com/

This message informed me that they had done three things based upon my zip code:

  1. Suspended my Account due to no mail delivery.
  2. Credited back current month’s service.
  3. Gave credit for one or two additional months once I emailed to resume service.

I’ve never forgotten this and have repeatedly told this story and am now immortalizing it online.  This was an example of outstanding customer service.


I also have no problem correcting myself or complimenting a company if they right a wrong. Bufferapp.com joins them in this category. Some of you may have read my earlier post Socially Disappointing:  Bufferapp.com Raises Rate.  I was upset about their raising rates for monthly from $10/mo to $19/mo when expecting the $10/mo on upgrade. BufferWhile I randomly clicked the upgrade this weekend and saw the $10/mo and upgraded, I didn’t expect it. I also updated the post for good measure.

This morning I had an email from Bufferapp.com informing me of the above and thanking me for being a customer.  This simple act of kindness inspired this post and has turned me into a brand advocate. I’ll now use the service along with my Feedly account to share content. And, as I’ve done with Netflix in the past, I will tell others of the great act of customer service shown by the BufferApp Team.

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]What is Buffer?[/tabtext] [tabtext]Philosophy[/tabtext] [tabtext]Support[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]We designed Buffer to offer you a both personal and yet more efficient solution to handle sharing on social media. Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule the great content you find. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automagically posts them for you through the day. Simply keep that Buffer topped up to have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long. (Taken from the website. 06/10/13)[/tab] [tab]We genuinely want to help you create an authentic and honest appearance on social media because we believe that there are no “short-cuts” to succeeding on a platform where engagement is so crucial. We know that Buffer is one solution amongst many out there. You will often find us recommending a variety of tools on our Twitter account or on our blog. We believe that providing the best value for your particular situation is far more important than a quick sale of our product. (Taken from the website. 06/10/13)[/tab] [tab]We are working very hard and we iterate and improve our product again and again. We are always keen to hear your feedback and are thankful to hear about your experience with Buffer. You will find us online for the larger part during any day of the week. Hit us up if you need anything, we will be quick in responding and helping you out. (Taken from the website. 06/10/13)[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

What are some examples you have of poor or excellent customer service?


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