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Discussing Who Episode 35 – Preparing for Doctor Thirteen and Remembering John Hurt
Posted by kylemj6977 on March 10, 2017

Breaking News in the world of Doctor Who as the BBC announces the departure of Peter Capaldi from Doctor Who. Capaldi, set to leave in the... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 34 – Capturing Sherlock Holmes
Posted by kylemj6977 on February 14, 2017

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return for another rollercoaster season of SHERLOCK. We examine the history of the character... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 33 – The Scoop on the Relativity Podcast
Posted by kylemj6977 on February 4, 2017

What happens when the only person who can help may be located billions of miles away? Lee Shackleford answers that question in his upcoming... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 32 – LIVE Review of Marvel’s Civil War II
Posted by kylemj6977 on February 3, 2017

In this Marvel Comics focused episode, we discuss the high and low points of Civil War II/ Protect the future. Change the future. Team... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 31 – The Return of Doctor Mysterio
Posted by kylemj6977 on February 1, 2017

We review the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas episode, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, in Episode 31 of Discussing Who. Join us as we review the... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 30 – Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2017
Posted by kylemj6977 on January 31, 2017

In our final episode of 2016, we say goodbye the year gone by and hello to 2017. Using an article written by blogger, podcaster, and... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 28 – Discussing The Death of X
Posted by kylemj6977 on January 29, 2017

We discuss the final fate of one of the five original X-Men. What happened to bring X-Men and Inhumans to the brink of war? Hosted by Kyle... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 27 – Review of Arrival
Posted by kylemj6977 on January 27, 2017

Linguistics professor Louise Banks, as portrayed by Amy Adams, serves as the focus of our review of the 2016 movie, Arrival. What does it... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 26 – Review of Luke Cage Season One
Posted by kylemj6977 on January 25, 2017

We review the first season of Marvel’s Luke Cage in Episode 26 of Discussing Who. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee... [Read More]

Discussing Who Episode 25 – Review of Black Mirror
Posted by kylemj6977 on January 22, 2017

Black Mirror has been called the Twilight Zone of the digital age, and it may very well be! From pigs to social media to virtual reality... [Read More]

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