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Doctor Who Timeless Quotes #50

The following Quote is taken from the serial, Planet of Evil, airing September 27 – October 18, 1975 and is between Sarah Jane Smith and the Doctor.

Sarah Jane: What’s gone wrong this time?

The Doctor: Nothing. Nothing at all. What makes you think something’s gone wrong?

Sarah Jane: Because you always get rude when you’re trying to cover up a mistake.

Sarah Jane Smith and the DoctorThe Doctor: Nothing of consequence. Slight overshoot, easily rectified.

Sarah Jane: Come on, where are we?

The Doctor: We’ve come out of the time vortex at the wrong point, that’s all. A few years too late.

Sarah Jane: How many?

The Doctor: …30,000.

Doctor Who Timeless Quotes

Doctor Who Timeless Quotes

There are many quotes from the 50 years of Doctor Who that are now a part of pop-culture.   I will be showcasing those quotes starting today and will post the final one on November 23, 2013 – the date of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.   There will be no specific order until the last ten. Those ten will be my personal favorites.

Enjoy as we begin our quotes through time!


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