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Discussing Who Episode 13 – Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond

In this episode, we discuss the trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman, giving our expectations for and thoughts on both. We review the latest Star Trek movie and give our thoughts on the latest news of the upcoming series.  All this and more in Episode 13 of Discussing Who. This episode hosted by Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and Kyle Jones.

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Discussing Who Episode 13

Episode 13: Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond



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Listen Up! It’s Jimmy here!

Imagine driving on your morning commute. Let’s also assume you subscribe to SiriusXM, and – as part of the drive, you choose to listen to the news. (For me, I listen to CNN and I assume that this same commercial would air on Fox News, MSNBC, etc.) Listening to an audio version of cable news brings the inevitability of commercials. Some are annoying…some are ok. But, for one in particular, it is 100% totally and completely cringeworthy. “Listen up, It’s Jimmy here.”

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We Have to Do Better

We have to do better. Why? How much time do we spend, as a human race, focusing on our various differences? How many lives must be lost while wars are fought over cultural, geographic, ideological, theological, and/or perceived differences? How much pain must be unleashed due to the whims of madmen and the silence of those with sound mind? What if the human race could be better than this? We have to do better. Read more

Finding the ROI of Your Time

Sometimes I think #HR is one of the busiest professions.

(Yes, I am sure that can be said by anyone in any profession – and it will be true.)

For HR, we constantly navigate rules, regulations, candidates, disputes, laws, coworkers, onboarding,

offboarding, policy change, etc. etc. etc. That is before family, friends, social, religious, or any other outside group.

Then, add in a bit of professional organizations.  Wait…did you say blogging/podcasting/speaking?

This caused me to wonder….are you getting the maximum ROI on your time?

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