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What have you done that makes you happy lately?

How Are You by Kyle Jones

I received an email yesterday from someone who I’ve never met. She’s someone who lives approximately 3,500 miles away. We’ve only communicated via Skype, email, and social media. HR serves as the common link that ties together two people who, for all practical purposes, would/should/could never meet 40-50 years ago.

What have you done that makes you happy lately?

I could easily discuss, and may do so at some point, how social media tears down distance barriers between us all. Instead, for this post, I’ll focus on a random act of kindness.   Read more

Social Media and the Friendship Paradox

How many friends do you have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Do you ever compare your numbers with those of your friends – only to find that they have many more AND seem to be having a lot more fun that you? What’s wrong with your (or me) that makes us less than our friends? How do they get to have so much fun?  OR…maybe, it’s all just a big ‘ol paradox. Read more

A Vote for Steve Browne is a Vote to Find the Extraordinary

My friend and fellow #PICHR contributor, Dave Ryan, mentioned Steve Browne’s upcoming consideration in the annual election of the SHRM Board of Directors when recording our first episode of the upcoming Performance I Create Podcast. I, along with Sarah Williams, Heather Kenzie, and Tiffany Kuehl, all agreed…Steve Browne ROCKS! A quick search led me to another friend, Matthew Stollack, who had also mentioned Steve.  Read more

Help UpstartHR Help US Become Strategic HR Players in 2015

Everyone working in HR wants to contribute more – bring more to the table. We want to know that what we do each and every day makes a difference – an impact. So, how do we do that? How do we become Strategic HR Players? My fellow HR Blogger and the force behind the blog, UpstartHR, asks us two questions in preparation of an upcoming ebook.

Read more

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