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A Vote for Steve Browne is a Vote to Find the Extraordinary

My friend and fellow #PICHR contributor, Dave Ryan, mentioned Steve Browne’s upcoming consideration in the annual election of the SHRM Board of Directors when recording our first episode of the upcoming Performance I Create Podcast. I, along with Sarah Williams, Heather Kenzie, and Tiffany Kuehl, all agreed…Steve Browne ROCKS! A quick search led me to another friend, Matthew Stollack, who had also mentioned Steve.  Read more

Random Acts of HR Kindness: Making a Human Resource Impact

I’ve heard that a simple, random act of kindness can go a long way.  When I first heard it was, most likely, when I was a child; however, this week I was reminded of the powerful impact on those who are the recipients of those acts.  This post is my public way of saying “THANK YOU” to those who took time out of their day to help brighten and enlighten my week.  It is my hope that this recognition provides a bit of the same to those mentioned below.  Even better….maybe it will help inspire me to continue those acts and also inspire others to do the same. Read more

A Call for Mississippi HR Bloggers



I read an article in 2008 about the anticipated “death of blogging” and its demise by 2009-2010.  Blogs were to become a thing of the past replaced by the powerhouse and others like it.  It’s now 2013 and social media didn’t destroy the art of blogging….it made it stronger.   During the years since 2008 novice bloggers have become professionals as they weathered the change and honed their craft. Read more

Breaking SHRM News: SHRM Wins Readers Choice

The following information is courtesy of the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Official Group on LinkedIn.   Thanks to Curtis Midkiff, Jr. for posting this information.

HR Readers Choice sponsored the first HR Readers Choice Awards and SHRM reached out to members last week asking that they consider making SHRM their choice and voting in this poll.   Now, one week later and as they say on American Idol…….the votes are in!  

Dim the lights…. Read more

SHRM Website Redesign

by: Kyle Jones


SHRM Christmas Surprise

Who said Christmas doesn’t come early?  For SHRM website users, it seems to have come tonight!

I visited the SHRM website earlier – and to my surprise – there was a newly redesigned look.

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Click here to view the video about the changes.






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Kyle Jones, Mississippi HR, Mississippi SHRM, HRtoWHO, HR blogger, Doctor Who

Kyle Jones


I am a fan of comic books, science fiction, gadgets and a devoted fan of Doctor Who. Professionally, I am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and served as the first Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM. I am a longtime SHRM member and continue to serve the HR profession online and as an advisor to MSSHRM council members.


Finally, this blog is my creative outlet and doorway to the world of Doctor Who and HR blogging. For more information, visit one of the following social networks/sites:Interview Me Not, HR to WHO, Mississippi HR, Kyle Jones, Kyle Jones HR, Doctor Who,



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