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Discussing Who Episode 40 – Review of Iron Fist and the Justice League Trailer

Danny Rand, along with the Justice League, take center stage of Episode 40 as we review Season One of the Netflix original series, Iron Fist, and discuss the Justice League trailer. We look back at Iron Fist history and debate whether or not critics were justified in their series reviews. And, can Justice League right the DCMU universe, or will Wonder Woman carry the weight? Hosted by Clarence Brown, Kyle Jones, and guest co-host, Andy Sims.

Discussing Who Episode 40

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Discussing Who Episode 36 – Who is Legion?

Who is David Haller? We attempt to answer both questions as we discuss the new FX series and look into the character’s comic book origins. Does David suffer from mental illness? How is he linked to the Uncanny X-Men? Who is Legion? Plus, we discuss the DC Universe-based comedy, Powerless. Hosted by Kyle Jones and Clarence Brown. Read more

Review of Wonder Woman Rebirth – We Will Have the Truth!

Originally published on Discussing Who Blog on 6/06/2016.

DC Rebirth: Wonder Woman hit the stands today. And, as a fan of the Amazing Amazon, it didn’t come a moment too soon! This was the first time since August 2011 when Diana – the Diana we know – graced the book once again. Little did we (I) realize…she had been there all along.

The following is a review and commentary of DC Rebirth: Wonder Woman. I encourage you to visit your local comic shop or purchase the comic online at if you would like to avoid any hints, revelations, etc.

Wonder Woman Logo

Fair warning…SPOILERS ahead.

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The Epic Discovery of Bombshell Comics and Stuff

Fans of comic books come from all walks of life and do not fit into any particular mold. Yet, I would imagine one thing remains the same across the majority of readers – the enjoyment of visiting the local comic shop. Wednesdays are traditionally Comic Book Day, the day new books arrive and the busiest day of the week for specialty shops. So, readers of the comic lore, sit back and marvel at the bombshell of a story. The epic adventure of my former-but-stil favorite comic book shop. Read more

The Scarlet Witch Arrives in Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch_KyleJones_HRtoWHOThe Scarlet Witch has always been one of my favorite Avengers. I recall the first issue I read – issue #221 of the original series and published in July 1982 – featuring featuring a scene with The Wasp, She-Hulk, and the woman I would come to know as Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. I found the character captivating even as a child. She remained so as I grew from child to teen to adult. I remained a fan even during the many years where the storyline dictated she be removed from the printed page. Today, I witnessed Wanda Maximoff move from the printed page to the silver screen. While her powers differed, the character’s appearance was nothing less than magical.

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The Faces of Jean Grey

Any comic book fan knows about Jean Grey. Jean, an original X-Man, the Phoenix, a member of the 1990s X-Men cartoon team, member of the X-Men team in the movies. Jean, she who dies and returns again. In 2015 both Marvel and DC Comics plan (I suspect) to reboot (or seriously alter) their continuity.  When this happens, who knows what will remain of our beloved characters? I decided to have a bit of fun with the concept of Jean if she were other characters. Read more

Hold On To Your Childhood Heroes

Hold on to Your Childhood Heroes

by: Chris Fields


I have a special relationship with comic books. I suppose most boys would say the same thing but in my case it’s very true, because of comic books I improved my reading level and increased my vocabulary. See as a 5th grader it was discovered that I actually was reading on a 4th grade level. My mom was upset and embarrassed she didn’t know what to do to help me. Luckily for me I have one of the most awesome uncles ever created. My uncle, who loved comics and is a fantastic artist himself, gave me a Spider-Man comic book. Read more

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