The Closing of the Gate

I’ve written a lot about MegaGate Broadband over the years and rightfully so. I’ve spent many, many, many (can I say MANY) hours working diligently to be the best I could be for the company. At times, I could say that I may have even placed the needs of the company over my own. And, in the end, I’ve asked myself if it really mattered? Did anything I do REALLY make a difference? I would like to think that it did. Now, it’s all about to change as this chapter comes to a close. Yes, I’m locking the gate.


The Time of Change

The Time of Change

Earlier this summer I wrote a post entitled The Time of Change and discussed the announcement that MegaGate Broadband would be acquired by another company. This announcement brought with it excitement but also apprehension.

Would I have a job?

What would I do?

Where would I be?

Eighteen years at one company is an accomplishment. I’ve worked with hundreds of great people and, being brutally honest, some not so great. I’ve learned quite a bit about motivations and people in this eighteen years – insights that will be a valuable tool added to my bag of tricks.

Familiarity will go out the window and be replaced by the unknown; however, sometimes the unknown is good because it pushes us outside our comfort zones.

A Combined Company Culture

There is a period of adjustment anytime a company purchases another and those employees from the purchased company join the ranks of the others. This will happen for me and others at MegaGate next week. In time, that unknown will be transformed into a combined company culture. Perhaps there are things that we did better while there are things that we can certainly improve upon.Kyle Jones, MegaGate Broadband, 18th Anniversary

Adjustment Period

It’s a period of adjustment. I will say goodbye to something that has shaped who I am today. It will be sad. It will be scary. It will be emotional.

But….it will be life.


Creating a New Chapter

You are known by your deeds. I recently told someone something that I often tell others about me.  That is: My reputation is very important to me and I work hard to be trustworthy, loyal, dependable, and honest. I hope that my new employer and managers see that very quickly – if they have not already.

I give three positive lessons learned from MegaGate management during my years at Cellular One/MegaGate.

Those are:

  1. If you mess up, let me know about it. We all make mistakes but let me hear it from you.
  2. Your job title doesn’t matter.  What matters is what you do.
  3. Don’t forget the human factor. Be compassionate.

I thank Rick Jorgensen for choosing to open Cellular XL Associates, L.P. d/b/a Cellular One in 1990. Without Rick’s choice, I wouldn’t be writing this post today. I thank Aprille Lott for her consistent leadership for 18-years and for being an example of the ultimate manager. I thank Stan Gwin for reminding me of the human factor that we sometimes forget.

Now, as this chapter comes to a close, it is time. I reach into my pocket and take out the key. The time of change has come.

I’m Locking the Gate.



MegaGate Broadband LogoKyle Jones, MegaGate Acquired by C Spire




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