A Daily Post

Have you ever been on a momentum and almost break it?  That’s what today’s post is about. Posts on this site have been consistent recently and today’s post is intended to ensure that that momentum continues. It is 11:00 PM CST, so that means I have time to make it to the proverbial finish line.

A Daily Post

When writing a post on a social media, human resources, comic book, personal branding, Doctor Who, or any other topic, one of the first things I do is create a graphic.  Well, that may be second after creating the title. (After all, the graphic is determined by the title or content of the post.) I use various tools when creating graphics for social media or blog posts. Those tools include:

  • Pixlemator
  • Art Text 2
  • PicMonkey (web app)

I should note that I use Google and/or Bing Image search, too.  Finding an image that is creative commons (with rights to update/alter) or public domain is key.  I should also note that I use either an iMac or Macbook Pro. Yes, Windows has it’s own programs for image editing – but I find the Mac to be much more in-tune with image creation.

So….it is 11:05pm. I have no image for my featured image or an image for this post.  It’s 11:06pm now. How fast can I create one?  Let’s see.




Kyle Jones A Daily PostImage found and size decreased via PicMonkey. (Image shown below.) Now that I have found and shrunk the image I can proceed to the next step.  The image is pubic domain so I could, if I wanted to do so, leave it as it is now. I don’t want to do that as I want to make it my own.


Time to add some changes to it. (BRB)

I only used Picmonkey.com today due to time constraints – and to prove a point on quickness.  Oh, almost forgot to state the time.  It is now 11:17pm.  From 11:06 – 11:17pm I was able to find a free image, alter it, and add text to make it my own.  All using very cheap and/or free programs.


Want to see the revised picture?

HRoWHO, Kyle Jones, Daily Post

All I did was change directions, add a few image enhancements, and finish with a border, drop shadow and title.


Finishing the Post

With about 20 minutes total, the post is almost done. It’s 11:21pm and I’ve updated the headings and am ready for the final review. 11:23pm, final check is complete.  Will be able to post by 11:25!


Thanks, good reader.  Have a good weekend!





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