Death In Heaven Expectations

It is 6:50pm CST in the United States. I sit anxiously awaiting the broadcast of the finale to Season 8 of Doctor Who, Death In Heaven. Last week we (almost certainly) discovered Who Is Missy? Now, in Part Two, fans await the resolution and expected episode ending cliffhanger. The following are some of my Death in Heaven Expectations and Assumptions.

Death in Heaven Expectations

Please be advised that the following may contain possible spoilers of the episode. Read at your own risk and choice. (Oh, go ahead….you know you want to!)

Doctor Who, Death In Heaven

Will Danny Pink survive?

This is an obvious question after events in last week’s episode. It is quite possible that Danny does indeed survive. Why? It isn’t Danny’s present but his future – or his descendants future. We met a character in the episode “Listen” who was a future relative of Clara’s and portrayed by Samuel Anderson, the same actor who plays Danny Pink.

A subset question – Who drove the car who hit Danny?

I should note that an alternate explanation lies with Clara – or within Clara to be specific. What if Clara is already with child? If so, and Danny does remain departed, it could lead to the next question.

Will Clara remain for Season Nine?

Fans have speculated for months that Jenna Coleman would leave after this season. While she has been confirmed for the Christmas episode, nothing has been mentioned of her involvement post-Christmas. Assuming that Clara does survice tonight’s episode, the possibility of being pregnant could take her out of the TARDIS for good. The Impossible Girl makes a not-impossible choice.

My Clara, My Clara

Missy said it herself: My Clara, my Clara. I have chosen well.Missy, Doctor Who, Clara Oswald

What does that mean for Clara?  What has Moffat planned for us?

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The Mistress

Yes, we all know that Missy is really (watch Deep Water to find out). What if she lied? I would rather she actually be The Rani than for her to be (You Know Who). Why? Well, it just seems to make sense to me. I would rather see a foe from the Classic Era that hasn’t been utilized since 2005.


The return of Kate Stewart and Osgood has already been confirmed. I like that the character of The Brig’s daughter having an association with more than one incarnation of The Doctor. The addition of Osgood is nothing but a positive!

There you have it.  These are my expectations and predictions. Oh, one last one. I expect, in Moffat style, to see the episodes tie seemingly unrelated events together.

What are your predictions?



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