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In celebration of the first episode of the new season, featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, I would like to share information about a website and an accompanying podcast. If you are looking for additional info about Doctor Who – both in the US and the UK – this is for you.  Maybe it’s time you discovered Doctor Who: Podshock.


Finding Podshock

The minds behind Doctor Who Podshock should thank Apple and the iPod Classic for serving as my own gateway into the world of Podshock. I remember downloading an NBC Nightly News podcast and then searching for Doctor Who. I’m not sure why I chose Podshock but I am very glad I did.  Oh, by the way, this was 2007/2008.


The Gallifreyan EmbassyPodshock, Gallifreyan Embassy

I have established that this is a podcast.  So, what makes it unique? To answer this question I must first mention The Gallifreyan Embassy. This fan organization has been around since 1985 and has expanded across the US and is now considered to be international.  Orginally, the fans were primarily in New York, Long Island, and surrounding areas.  Think about it, it was 1985.

Their site says: Join us for a trip of a lifetime as we celebrate Doctor Who past, present, and future as well as other British science fiction and fantasy.

Hosts of the podcast appear at conventions, notably Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, CA, where they record live shows. They do this and much, much more.


About Doctor Who PodshockPodshock

Podshock is the longest running podcast dedicated to Doctor Who. It began in 2005 and was part of the celebration of the Gallifreyan Embassy’s 20th anniversary. While the cast has remained almost non-changing, hosts have come-and-gone over the years; however, there has been one constant companion, Mr. Louis Trapani.

Louis’ style and passion for all things Doctor Who was part of what caught my attention. If you are a fan of professional football, wrestling, hockey, comic books, video games, etc., there is something we all share: We know when someone is a TRUE fan.  Louis Trapani is a TRUE fan of Doctor Who. As much fandom as I claim, I pale in comparison to him.

About Louis Trapani

Louis founded the Gallifreyan Embassy during the summer of 1985. In 1994 he formed Art Trap Productions. ATP produces Doctor Who: Podshock.

I’ve communicated with Louis over the years across various Social Media accounts. I’ve even participated in a live recording of Podshock after the airing of Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol in 2010.  Follow Louis on Twitter.


Additional Information

Want to know more about The Gallifreyan Embassy, Doctor Who: Podshock, Louis Trapani, or any of the other hosts and contributors? Perhaps you would like to become a Podshock supporting subscriber and receive extra content? If so, click on the links below for more information.

Gallifreyan Embassy

Doctor Who: Podshock

Art Trap Productions

Doctor Who Podshock

Information provided above courtesy of the Gallifreyan Embassy.


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