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I would like to introduce you to another great podcast. This one is not unfamiliar to listeners of Doctor Who: Podshock; however, I’ve collected a bit of information from the web of topics from all over cultdom. So, with that, I encourage you to discover the Cultdom Collective Podcast.

The Cultdom Collective

The Cultdom CollectiveWith a show count totaling over 500 episodes, this podcast is recorded live on Talkshoe and is hosted by Dave Cooper and Ian Bisset. Other hosts also participate. Dave is a regular contributor and co-host of Podshock. Ian has also been the same until recent obligations required him to step away. (He returned this past week and I had the pleasure of recording an upcoming episode with him.)

Cultdom on Talkshoe

What is Talkshoe? TalkShoe is a unique website for people to participate in live interactive podcasts — called Community Calls™. You can host, join or listen along to a live or recorded Community Call. Hundreds of people can talk and chat live, thousands can listen in (audio streaming to computers), and an unlimited number of people can download or podcast the recorded talk show. (The preceding information courtesy of

Find the Cultdom Collective podcast using ID 54821

Connect with the Collective

I encourage you to check out the podcast. You may do so by visiting the following links:


Cultdom Collective Podcast



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