Do Not Forget Who You Are

I made a decision today that will play out over the next few months; however, it was one that was several months in the making. It also taught me a lesson about being true to yourself and your voice. Why? If you don’t do so, you will find that your voice will become diminished – even if it is in your own perception.Do Not Forget Who You Are

I Made A Mistake

In July I wrote a post about rebranding this blog to distance myself from my HR to WHO roots. I convinced myself that the reason the passion was gone from my writing was due to trying to write a dual-purpose blog. In that post I said:

The passion for the site waned. I would sit in front of a blank screen and the words would not come. It was not that I lacked motivation.  No, it was simply that my themes didn’t work any longer.  HR to WHO no longer worked on this site. You see, I made a mistake and it impacted my ability to create.


You see, I made a mistake of not being true to myself. I allowed an outside influence to negatively impact the branding I had crafted since 2012. I questioned my own creation.

Self-Doubt and the Reality Check

In April I wrote an article for Performance I Create, A Self Doubt Reality Check, discussing the positive aspects of knowing the answer to the question: Am I Good Enough?

I am not without my own doubts. As many of you know from reading my posts, I’ve recently made a job transition and have moved.  And, in doing so, I’ve started a new chapter. All these changes allowed a bit of self-doubt to silently scream words of uncertainty. It is those words that gain the power to give those negative impacts . It is in those moments that we need another reality check.


Nine Questions

Throughout the summer I found myself writing less, even after I “rebranded” this blog. I branched out on a new venture. I committed myself creatively to something to help raise the proverbial bar.

Yet, I still felt silenced.

Perhaps what I needed was a reminder of WHO I was?

That reminder came today with post on Erik Smetana’s blog, The Human Resource Field Guide. Erik asked last me in Summer of 2014 to answer his Nine Questions. My personal circumstances delayed the posting, but today was the day. Erik made a choice when choosing the header that was the reminder I needed.

He didn’t ask. I didn’t suggest. But, as I said to someone earlier today, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was as if I needed a simple image to remind me that my creative choices are OK. This was that image….

Kyle Jones and the TARDIS

So, I made a decision to be true to me.   

Be True to WHO you Are!

So, with that, I made a decision. I needed a change. HR to WHO is back and it feels like a weight has been lifted. Or, as The Doctor would say:


Change, my dear. And it seems, not a moment too soon.

The Sixth Doctor, The Caves of Androzani  

And, for good measure…..

Clara sometimes asks me if I dream. “Of course I dream”, I tell her. “Everybody dreams”. “But what do you dream about?,” she’ll ask. “The same thing everybody dreams about,” I tell her. “I dream about where I’m going.” She always laughs at that. “But you’re not going anywhere, you’re just wandering about.” That’s not true. Not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone’s. It’s taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I’m going. Where I’ve always been going. Home. The long way around.”

The Eleventh Doctor, The Day of the Doctor


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