Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John Preview

It is less than one week until Doctor Who returns to Saturday night to officially kick off the 50th Anniversary festivities. The anticipation continues to grow and questions abound.  Who – or what – is Clara?  Will we see former versions of The Doctor?  Which former companions, if any, will return? 

Silence Will Fall

Doctor Who December 2012

Then, there is the other question. Silence will fall when the question is asked.  It is a question as old as the universe…hidden in plain sight.  It is the question the Doctor has been running from all of his life and, on the Fields of Transzelore at the Fall of the Eleventh when no man may speak untruth or bear false witness, will it be asked?
What, of course, is the question?   For those reading this post and are fans of Doctor Who, you know.  For those who may not watch just yet….the question is here.  Hidden in plain sight.

Video Preview

The BBC has unveiled a preview of the issue airing next Saturday.


Are you excited yet?


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