Doctor Who Timeless Quote #15

The following timeless quote is taken from the episode the Eleventh Hour, the first full episode featuring the Eleventh Doctor. The episode also introduces Amelia “Amy” Pond and aired on April 03, 2010.


Doctor Who Timeless Quote #15


Amelia: If you’re a doctor, then why does your box say “police”?

The Doctor: That’s disgusting. What is that?HR to Who, Doctor Who Quote, Kyle Jones

Amelia: An apple.

The Doctor: Apple’s rubbish. I hate apples.

Amelia: You said you loved them.

The Doctor: No, no, no. I love yoghurt. Yoghurt’s my favourite. Give me yoghurt.

The Doctor: I hate yogurt! Just stuff with bits in it.

Amelia: You said that it was your favourite!

The Doctor: New mouth, new rules. Its like eating after cleaning your teeth. Everything tastes WROOOONNNNG!!! Ahhh!

Amelia: What is it? What’s wrong with you?

The Doctor: Wrong with me? Its not my fault. Why can’t you give me any decent food? You’re Scottish. Fry something!

The Doctor:  Ahhh bacon. Bacon. That’s bacon. Are you trying to poison me?Ahh you see? Beans. Beans are evil! Bad, bad beans! Bread and butter. Now you’re talking.And stay out!

Amelia: Got some carrots.

The Doctor: Carrots?! Are you insane?! No, wait, hang on. I know what I need. I need…I need…I need… fish fingers and custard!


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