Doctor Who Timeless Quotes #46.1


The following quote from the long-running BBC drama, Doctor Who, was taken from Part One of The End of Time, originally airing on December 25, 2010.   The narrator, at the time of the quote, was unknown.


Doctor Who: The End of Time,  Part I

Narrator: It is said that in the final days of planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams. To the west of the north of that world, the human race did gather, in celebration of a pagan rite to banish the dark and the cold. Each and everyone of those people had dreamt of the terrible things to come, but they forgot… because they must. They forgot their nightmares of fire and war and insanity. They forgot, except for one.Doctor Who, HR to Who, Kyle Jones HR, Social Media


Quote Numbering

This quote, in an original intent of 50 quotes, is numbered 46.1 due to an abundance of my favorite quotes equaling more than 50; therefore, I chose to list a few as a .1 or .2.  This will allow the final quote, scheduled for November 23, 2013, to list as the number one post.


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