Thank You, Dorothy Knapp

I first met Dorothy Knapp back in 2008 or 2009 at a meeting of the Mississippi SHRM State Council. Dorothy was assigned as Mississippi’s Regional Field Service Director by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and, as part of her job, she attended our meeting. I can only speculate what type of impact she might have had on other chapters, councils, etc. within her domain. (After all, the Bahamas are also part of her assigned area!) However, from my own observations, I feel confident in saying that her impact was felt and will continued to be made on those areas going forward.


Thank You, Dorothy Knapp

The Mississippi State Council of SHRM was recently informed of a redistricting that occurred which reassigned Dorothy to another state and removed Mississippi from her area. I know that change is good because it takes us outside our comfort zones and makes us grow in ways we never thought possible. Our new SHRM liaison will bring a different flavor along with new and exciting tools, thoughts, and advice. Again, change is good. All SHRM members – and any Human Resource professional – know that we must continuously evolve. After all, social media keeps us connected in more ways than ever before.Dorothy Knapp, SHRM

What change does NOT do is allow any of us to forget what has come before. While I, and I am quite sure the entire State Council does as well, welcome Dorothy’s replacement, it would only be proper that we say THANK YOU to her leadership over the years. As for me, I want to say a very special THANK YOU to Dorothy for her kindness and encouragement over the years. She is someone who I am glad I’ve met and who I hope to never forget. Again…thank YOU!

Dorothy attended our conference this year after the news of her departure circulated amongst the members. I noticed exchanging of hugs and a few watery eyes. So, Dorothy, this is our message to you. At the end of the day when you wonder if your impact made a difference, know that it did.

Finally, thank you for what you will continue to do at SHRM and for what you have done for Mississippi.

Several posts have been written that included Dorothy over the years.  A few of those are:

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