Facebook and the Political Post

Something has invaded Facebook. No, I’m not talking about viruses – even though I would classify it as a variation of one. This is something so prevalent that it takes a user’s timeline and fills it with vile and hateful content. What is this sickness? What is this revolting content? It’s the political post. This is Facebook and the Political Post.

Political Posts on Facebook



Social Media Changes Communication


I love social media. The creation of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all the other social networks has changed the way we communicate. I don’t think anyone could dispute this fact. How many of us have connected with high school classmates who were, before Facebook, mere afterthoughts of years gone? How many of us work in Public Relations and/or Marketing and find that the profession has transformed more in the last five years than it has in the – I would safely assume – last fifty?Political Posts on facebook

What We Post


Facebook is a place where we can all posts our thoughts, opinions, etc. for the world to see.  We can, if we choose, limit that world-view by public, friend, family, etc. We post freely with no regard to the presentation those posts make. We post freely with no regard – or maybe no care of regard – to how those posts make us seem to others.

I post regularly about HR, personal matters, comic books, Doctor Who and other topics. I try to filter those posts based on the content and the audience. I realize that others may not agree with me and that I may not agree with others. I try, at best, to be courteous on Facebook. Unfortunately, I can’t say that for some and I found myself even unfollowing someone solely based on his/her posts.

Politics serve to divide us now more than ever. So, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that we wouldn’t share political posts on Facebook? For me, I don’t want anyone to know my political beliefs mainly because I work in HR. People may assume they know my political affiliation based on several factors but I leave it as an assumption. I did not post pro-Republican nor did I post pro-Democrat in 2012.


A Politically Correct Suggestion


Others don’t do the same. And, to you, I would like to suggest the following:

Facebook Political Posts

Please…please…please….share appropriately. If you choose to share politically charged posts, place me in a friends group that is not included in the political posts. When you share to friends…you share to ALL friends. In doing so, you assume that those posts – often extremely pointed to the right or left – are in agreement by all. Your posts speak for you and paint you in a light you may not wish to find yourself.  So, again, please…please….share appropriately. Or, better yet, why not leave political posts at the poll and not bring it to Facebook.


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