The Faces of Jean Grey

Any comic book fan knows about Jean Grey. Jean, an original X-Man, the Phoenix, a member of the 1990s X-Men cartoon team, member of the X-Men team in the movies. Jean, she who dies and returns again. In 2015 both Marvel and DC Comics plan (I suspect) to reboot (or seriously alter) their continuity.  When this happens, who knows what will remain of our beloved characters? I decided to have a bit of fun with the concept of Jean if she were other characters.

Jean Grey: Wonder Phoenix

I took an image of Wonder Woman and recolored various layers. Then, I added an image of the Phoenix Force behind her.

Wonder Phoenix


Jean Grey: The Invisible Jean

The next image was a picture of The Invisible Woman. I used the same technique as above, minus the background.

The Invisible Woman, Jean Grey, Phoenix

Jean Grey: The Scarlet Jean

My next was taking The Scarlet Witch and applying the same technique again. This wasn’t as difficult as the others since Wanda’s brown hair is always shown with a reddish tint.

The Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Phoenix

Group Image

The last image was, to be honest, the most fun to do. I took the three images and combined them into one. I reversed “Wonder Phoenix” to give a new look and then combined.

Jean Grey



The images used above are the property of the artist who created them. The fan art is meant to be a homage to that same work. 


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