Former Doctor Who Star, Kate O’Mara, Passes Away

It is with sadness that I report today that the actress Kate O’Mara died today.  She was 74 years old.

Caress Morell

I first saw Kate O’Mara on-screen, to my knowledge, when she portrayed the character Caress Morell on the 1980s nighttime soap, Dynasty. To be honest, I don’t recall that much about her character other than the fact that I liked her. I remember her either leaving the show by Joan Collins’ character sending her to prison or she joined the show upon being released. Regardless, her character is one that I remember approximately 30 years after she appeared.

Perhaps, it was written in the lore of time and space that I connected with this random character. Why?

The Rani

The Rani of Doctor Who, Kate O'MaraBy the time she appeared in Dynasty I was no longer watching Doctor Who. Perhaps, I could find out the answer online but whether or not Doctor Who aired in Mississippi on PBS in the mid-1980s is irrelevant because I was either not watching or unaware.

If only I had known…

Kate O’Mara was hired to portray a new adversary for The Doctor. Perhaps the BBC looked to replace The Master as the “go-to-bad-guy” – who just happened to be from the same race of beings, the Time Lords of Gallifrey, as was The Doctor.  Yes, just as The Doctor and The Master, so was Kate O’Mara’s character, The Rani.

Fans had seen two incarnations of another benevolent Time Lady in Romana. The Rani was vastly different from Romana I or Romana II. I would bet some fans might even say that she rivaled or even surpassed The Master.  The Rani of Doctor Who, Kate O'Mara

It was The Rani who was inadvertently responsible for the regeneration of the Sixth Doctor into the Seventh.

The Rani appeared in two serials – Time and The Rani and The Mark of the Rani – before Doctor Who went on hiatus in 1989. The Rani’s final televised appearance was in the Dimensions in Time special.

The following information was taken from

Kate O’Mara (10 August 1939 – 30 March 2014) was an English film, stage and television actress. She was perhaps most widely known for her role as Caress Morell, the scheming sister of Alexis Colby in the 1980s American primetime soap opera Dynasty, though is also known for playing other villains such as the Rani in Doctor Who. She also worked alongside Colin Baker in The Brothers, and portrayed Laura Wilde in Howards’ Way. She died at 74 after a short illness.

The following are some of Kate’s appearances as The Rani:




I retract what I said earlier regarding not being sure if it was during her introduction or her exit from Dynasty. It was, as you will see in the next video, her introduction.

This post has been my humble tribute to the late Kate O’Mara. Thank you for portraying two characters to television that I will always fondly recall. May you rest in peace.




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