Four Great Things About Doctor Who’s New Opening Sequence

August 23, 2014 officially ushered in a new era for Doctor Who. Fans were formally introduced to Peter Capaldi‘s Twelfth Doctor while Clara Oswald, the Doctor’s current companion played by Jenna Coleman, said a tearful farewell to Matt Smith‘s Eleventh. Fans of the classic generation know that a new Doctor usually brings something else: A NEW THEME/OPENING SEQUENCE.  Once again, the minds behind Doctor Who did not disappoint. I loved the new sequence and (appropriately) found things that I liked.  These are four great things about Doctor Who’s new opening credits.

Four Great Things About Doctor Who’s New Opening Credits

Doctor Who Series 8, Opening Sequence

The music remained practically the same from 2005 through 2010 during the 9th and 10th Doctor’s time. While shades of blue/red were swapped and base was added during the final year of the 10th, it was mostly the same. This dramatically changed in 2010 with the 11th Doctor. The music remained mostly unchanged but a brand new sequence – and a return to the Doctor’s face within the sequence – debuted with The Snowman at Christmas 2012.

Doctor Who’s new opening credits incorporates bits of all of the above while adding something new.

 The Music

The music was the first thing I noticed. It’s a bit somber with a return to the ‘da da da..da….dum. da.da.da…dum” featured more prominently than before.  After listening a second time, I noticed it harkened back to the Fourth Doctor‘s theme.

Doctor Who, Opening Sequence, Kyle Jones, Fourth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor


The Clock

The addition of a clock graphic was the second thing I noticed.  Yes, visual should be number one but my third reason is what makes the sound number one.

Doctor Who, New Title Sequence


The Fourth

The third thing I noticed was a more Fourth Doctor-ish feel after I began watching it over-and-over. Many have already begun to compare Capaldi to Tom Baker and, while I am yet to make that total reference, I see some aspects. We must also consider that Capaldi is the fourth Doctor since the return in 2005 – another coincidence?

Doctor Who, New Title Sequence 2014


It was New

The final great thing I liked about the new opening sequence was that it was new. Yes, that simple. They chose not to reuse the same sequence used from 2013 forward and this was a plus. We need to know that things have changed and that is waht happened.

Doctor Who, New Title Sequence

For reference, I’ve included the iconic Fourth Doctor sequence.


Now, I’ve included the new Twelfth Doctor sequence.


Good job, BBC!

(Images via the BBC.  All rights reserved.)



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