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Social Media: How Do You Check Email?

Ask yourself the following question. . . “How do you check email?”

Chances are, if you are like most people, your answer would probably be “Boot computer, open (name of program) and check the inbox for any new messages.”  Some might say check your email on your smartphone.

The web has changed all of this leaving us no longer chained to programs that sometimes – depending upon the program itself – are hogging computer resources.

When you make that jump . . . gone away from the desktop client. . . and are using Gmail’s interface, it can sometimes be a jarring experience.   One of the hidden treasures of Gmail is the ability to search within emails.   These simple commands quickly prove to be invaluable.

from: Used to specify sender from: UNIT
to: Used to specify recipient to: River
subject: Search for words in subject line subject: customer
OR Do an either/or search – OR must be caps from: Amy OR to: Rory

Used to exclude messages from search trouble -ticket (meaning includes trouble but not ticket)
label: Search by label
has:attachment Search for emails with attachments
“ “
Used to search for an exact phrase. “Dalek Invasion on the 1st”
TIP Searches can be combined from: Davros subject: Extermination
TIP Unless specified, a search is implemented across the entire box (inbox, label, trash, etc.)

This is based on an original post I did for the MegaGate Blog, MegaBytes.  To view the blog, click here.


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