Social Media: My Google+ Hangout with Gozaik

Today I did something I have never done before on social media.  I participated in my very first group discussion that took place within a Google+ Hangout!  The group was small but the topic,, was interesting.  To top it all off, one of the participants had to leave before the end of the hangout before it ended…..because he had tickets to American Idol.  While not as illustrious, I even accidentally muted the host a few times at the beginning!

Susan Avello’s Google+ Hangout

Susan Avello, HR to Who, Social Media

Susan Avello

It is thanks to Susan Avello and her invitation on Google+ that Gozaik even appeared on my radar.  The idea “a Twitter Resume” was a great hook and reminded me of someone saying to me a few years ago “Why would anyone ever use Twitter for job searches?”  I’ll admit that part of my reasoning for joining the Hangout was to see if I could prove this person wrong.  And, if the information was valid and useful….well, all the better.   (Hey…I’m human…..don’t tell me you’ve never viewed or read something with a bit of additional motive??)

The added benefit was the pleasure of finally seeing a Twitter contact from the past several years, Garrick Chan, in virtual face-to-face contact during the Hangout.  I’d connected with Garrick several years ago and we’ve randomly communicated since then.   Now, thank’s to Susan, that connection is a bit more meaningful.

About Gozaik

While I am signed up as an employer, I’ve not yet tried Gozaik; therefore,  I cannot comment on their product but I can say that it does appear very promising.HR to Who, Social Media, Kyle Jones

According to their website:

Gozaik is a social job application that lets people search and apply for desired jobs via Twitter and create a digital, mosaic-style, multimedia resume. We help students and young professionals land jobs that are a perfect fit, market themselves more accurately through social media while helping employers to communicate their opportunities more efficiently and attract the best, brightest talent on the market.


I can certainly say I am interested in learning more about the product and can’t wait to give it a try.

Additional Information

Want to know more about Susan?  Visit her HR Virtual Cafe blog by clicking here.   Visit her Discovering Social blog by clicking here.  Or, visit her page by clicking here.

Want to know more about Garick?  Visit his LinkedIn profile by clicking here.  Visit his page by clicking here.Social Media, HR to Who, Kyle Jones, Garick Chan

(I am looking forward to finding out about his American Idol experience last Thursday!)

Finally, want to know more about Gozaik?  Visit them online by clicking here.




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