Happy Anniversary HR to Who

I have to admit that I am proud of myself.  I am left with no other option but to pat myself on my back. I must give myself praise for all the mistakes I’ve made with the HR to Who blog since November 2012. Wait…did I just say give myself praise for all the mistakes??  Yes. I did.


Happy Anniversary HR to Who


HR to Who Logo by Kyle Jones of Mississippi SHRM and South Mississippi SHRMHR to Who officially began last November as I sat at my parents home awaiting Thanksgiving dinner. At first, I chose to use Blogger but quickly returned to WordPress. I created a Facebook page and started on this journey just as I had several times prior.  Well, I didn’t create the Facebook page prior but previous attempts at blogging had been made.

I challenged myself in a blog post to go forward in 2013 with the blog. Perhaps I suspected that I would be writing this post in December. No, to be honest, I probably didn’t suspect that.  Wishful thinking…maybe.  Yet, here I am. Happy Anniversary HR to Who!




What is a mistake?


According to the dictionary provided by the research tool on Google Drive, a mistake is:

an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong.  Example: Coming here was a mistake.  It also means to be wrong about.  Example:  Because I was inexperienced, I mistook the nature of our relationship.

Question Mark on HR to Who by Kyle Jones for Mississippi SHRMI made a lot of mistakes along the way. I’ve posted items promoting things and accidentally misspelled someone’s name (Sorry, Joan!).  I’ve changed my theme several times.  I’ve accidentally crashed my site.  I’ve changed hosting providers. I’ve added widgets.  I’ve deleted plugins.  I’ve tried several commenting tools. I’ve bombarded the reader with Doctor Who related content. (Sorry, I can’t help that one!)  I’ve done a lot in 2013 and that has resulted in mistakes.

Guess what?  I’m proud of those mistake because they served as teachers with important lessons waiting to be learned.


Lessons Learned


Kyle Jones' HR to WHO, HR BloggersWhy?  It’s really simple.  I learned something from each of them.  I started this journey knowing that I didn’t know everything and I’ve read a LOT of articles this year on topics ranging from search engine optimization to logo design. I’ve read about people who had bad experiences at their jobs and been inspired by posts that were uplifting.

Isn’t one of the reasons we are on this planet is to learn?  If so, in 2013, I’ve learned and I am better than I was in December 2012.

What’s Next?

I hope to be able to continue the path that I am on now. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary year will draw to a close with The Time of The Doctor on December 25th.  My focus next year may be less of Doctor Who and more of Human Resources. Or, it may be more on social media. I have a plan for what comes next but I think that inspiration should be the guiding force and not a predetermined course.



I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on this blog during 2013.  I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and share. You took time out of your day and devoted it to something that I created. I am thankful.Thank you banner for HR to WHO

I thank the HR blogging community for your welcome and acceptance into your ranks. I am inclined to list several of you and give a dedicated thanks but I fear I will mistakenly omit someone. I thank you all and look forward to meeting you in person. I am grateful to be among your ranks.

Now, let’s go do great things!


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