Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Sladen

Fans of Doctor Who celebrate the birthday and remember the legacy of the late-great Elisabeth Sladen.  She, who first graced the scenes of Doctor Who in the 1970s with the Third Doctor, went on to become one of – if not the – most beloved of all companions.

Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Sladen

I wrote the following about Elisabeth last December:

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The role of the companion is equally important to the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who.  It can be argued that no other companion in the program’s 50-year history is more universally beloved than Sarah Jane Smith. Today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the character and the accomplishments of her portrayer, the late Elisabeth Sladen.

On that day, we celebrated the 40th Anniversary. Today, I celebrate her birthday.

Video Tributes

The video below is from her autobiography. The forward written and read by David Tennant.

The next video was created by the CBBC and aired as a tribute shortly after her death.

This video was taken from the final moments of the Sarah Jane Adventures.


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