Frozen in Hattiesburg

Those who live in the northern states are used to snow.  Two-or-three inches of snow is a nothing to someone living in New York City.  Two-or-three inches of snow in Hattiesburg is a completely different story.  This is how I was frozen in Hattiesburg.


Frozen in Hattiesburg

The anticipation for snow is something that people in Mississippi – especially those of us in South Mississippi – do not often meet. We don’t get snow.  We don’t get icicles like we did when I was a small child back in the 1970s.  We don’t freeze.

Well, maybe we do.Hattiesburg Ice Storm, Kyle Jones


I reported for work as normal and sent a notice to all employees about work hours on Tuesday.  The email stated:

All employees are expected to report at his/her scheduled time unless you’ve already spoken with your direct supervisor. Hospitals, clinics, police, and other critical businesses are open and, as a provider of utility services, we must be able to support them.

We encourage everyone to allot extra time for travel to work tomorrow morning should there be inclement weather.

Stay warm, stay dry and drive carefully.

I fully expected to go to work on Tuesday with anticipation that, if anything, we would go home a bit early.


2014 Hattiesburg ice, Kyle JonesThe morning broke and we didn’t have the predicted one-to-four inches of snow.  We had something else that, quite frankly, was much more unexpected.  What was it? We had ice causing word to quickly be spread to stay at home and off the roads.

Ice accumulated quickly and I was stuck at home. Yes, we were frozen in Hattiesburg.  Luckily, I had power and I had Internet. I didn’t go shopping for supplies (yes, I had food but was out of some items – won’t do that again!!).


I work for a telecom and we’re considered a utility. This means that our corporate office rarely closes. To be quite honest, I’ve worked there for almost eighteen years and I can not recall another time that cold weather has caused a two-day closing.  Remaining closed several days post-Katrina is a different type of circumstance.

I tried twice to take the trash to the dumpster today. Each time I quickly turned around and went back inside due to a frozen and VERY slick sidewalk.

I even missed my usual weekly visit to Comics & Stuff,  the local comic book shop.


I don’t know how soon we will be “thawed out” tomorrow but I imagine I’ll be going to work around 10am.

News Updates

Rachel Beech of WDAM TVI commend Rachel Beech of WDAM-TV for her broadcasts today urging motorists to stay off the roads. I know if I was reluctant to walk around outside then I commend her for being out and about.

I know there were many more but I specifically would like to mention:

Your Experiences

What impact did the weather have on you?

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