Hello 2013 – Six Month Blog Performance Review



I started 2013 with a resolution to devote more time to blogging and hoped to increase my blog performance.  I needed this to be something that was not just a hobby – one that would be abandoned when the thrill of newness disappeared. It need this to be an extension of my personal creativity and professional growth.  Join me, now, as I give HR to WHO a blog performance review.


January’s Two Goals

HR to WHO, Blog PerformanceI proclaimed the following on January 1st:

I have two public goals that I’d like to share on this blog.  Will it help me reach them?  I don’t know but I share them with you anyway.

First Goal

I will be 40 years old this year and I do not take care of myself.   I do not exercise regularly and I do not eat right.   I am asking for health issues for the future so I want to change this.   I am currently 195 pounds and, by the end of 2013, I would like to be 175.  20 is not a number that is out of the question.

I am still at 195 pounds. So, on the positive, I am not more but I am not less.  Goal One is, at best, a draw.  Realistically, it is a negative because no change has occurred.


Second Goal

I plan to blog and be consistent at doing so.   I know that I chose two topics that are drastically different – HR and Doctor Who – and that creating an audience for such will be difficult.   I am not in this for fame but only to share my thoughts with whoever might read these posts.   I hope that we will have a follow-up post to this one on January 01, 2014.

I am happy to say that I am still at it and have constantly published content during that time. I’ve generated a small readership and have learned A LOT about blogging; however, this cannot compare to the blogging community I’ve met.  I won’t mention names in fear of omitting someone but I will say that they have helped to make this online platform much more rewarding than I could ever have imagined.  

Goal Two performance report is that work continues to improve but continuous improvement is needed.

12 Favorite Posts

I would like to share with you twelve of my favorite HR to WHO posts from January to June 2013.  I hope you enjoy and I thank you for joining me so far on this journey!


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 Doctor Who 50th Logos

This post featured some of the logos I designed for fun in commemoration of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration.


HR To WHO #2 from Kyle Jones' kylemjones.com

Conference Captives


Have you ever felt as if you were held captive by the presenter of a conference breakout session?


HR to Who Number 3 Image from Kyle JonesSkillz Drillz Award Acceptance


Jan Farve, Workforce Readiness Director for Mississippi SHRM, accepts SHRM Pinnacle.


HR to Who by Kyle Jones

Judy Nail – Power of the Dream


Judy Nail, Membership Director and former State Council Director for Mississippi SHRM, accepts 2013 Mississippi HR Professional of the Year award.


The Art of HR on YouTubeHR to WHO #5


A celebration video of the Mississippi State Council of SHRM.



BBC Announcement:  Matt Smith to Exit Doctor Who Role


Doctor Who fandom was shocked and speechless to learn that Matt Smith would exit his role as the Eleventh Doctor at the end of 2013.



A Call for Mississippi HR Bloggers


The search began – and continues – for other bloggers who focus on human resources in Mississippi.


Remembering Elisabeth Sladen: Our Sarah Jane SmithHRtoWhoNo8


Another year since the passing of the fantastic actress, Elisabeth Sladen; known to Doctor Who fandom as Sarah Jane Smith.



Dynamic Duo of District Directors


Meet Amanda Ford and Janna Rogers – Mississippi SHRM’s Dynamic Duo of District Directors.



My Essential HR Week


Review of the SHRM Essentials of HR Management class at Southern Miss.



Finding the Spark


Do what is best for you – find the spark within!


My Road to HRHRtoWhoNo12


What began in 1996 continues today.


Blog Performance Grade

Again, thank you.  I appreciate your time and hope that these posts have been enjoyable.  I am not certain what the overall blog performance might be but I give myself an “A” for time and effort.



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